Loyalty Points System

With Open Loyalty's advanced Points Engine, you can create various loyalty schemes based on spending or customer behavior





Manager Transfers in your points based loyalty program

Monitor every spend or earn Loyalty points in Points transfer feature. Let Merchants or Customer success team to add points manually. Quickly determine the number of points in the market, including used points, pending points, active points or expired points.

Reward customers with points for what they buy or do

Use predefined Earning points rules and give points for buying specific products at a specific time. Reward members for interactions like registration, first purchase, referring a friend and more. Create custom Earnings rules and share points for any custom behavior.

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Allow Members to spend points in numerous ways

Customers can use points to redeem a discount coupon, physical reward or pay with points. You can event create points-based Levels that will be automatically calculated and reset depending on the number of active points and your configuration.