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Key Features
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Check source code of Open Loyalty Community Edition  on GitHub

What can you build with Open Loyalty?

Loyalty program for retail with online and offline stores

Loyalty module for eCommerce

Motivational program for
sales departments

Customer care program

Customer Management

Gives you the ability to add and edit customer's data, create levels or segments. Every customer’s loyalty and engagement metrics can be monitored. 

You set rules for how customers can earn points using your loyalty program. These rules can be based on the spending or other behaviours of your customers

Rules for earning points

Every part of Open Loyalty including Client Cockpit or eCommerce Cockpit is fully customizable in design.

Fully customizable design

You can add and distribute rewards, target who and when they are able to redeem specific rewards, set limitations  and see the engagement within every campaign

Reward Campaigns

You can run a cockpit for merchants in your offline and online store, match transactions with customers, enroll new customers and process all loyalty program operations. This can all be run separately from you ERP/POS software.

Panel for offline

Customers are able to check rewards, learn how to earn points, view their history of transactions (offline and online) and history of earned and spend points. You can also edit your personal data and customize your brand preferences. The customer cockpit may be set to a subdomain like club.yourbrand.com

Customer Portal

Integration and Plugins

You can easily integrate Open Loyalty with eCommerce, marketing automation or EMS
solutions, ERP. You can use restful API or connectors we have developed.

and many more...

Architecture for a retailer with online and offline stores 
or a motivational program for financial service providers

RetailerService Provider
Technologies used to develop Open Loyalty

See full list of Technologies and source Code at GitHub

Open Loyalty is available for commercial usage under a license of Enterprise Editionwhere all source code can be used without any limitations.

For non-commercial applications or commercial usage with less than 200 Customers
who are registered with Open Loyalty, the Community Edition license applies.

List of Features available in Open Loyalty


  • Fully customizable
  • Self-hosted solution
  • Whitelabel
  • Open Source

Admin Cockpit

  • Customer Management
  • Segmentation
  • Levels
  • Export levels and segments to CSV
  • Ponts Transfers overview
  • Transactions on-line and off-line overwiew
  • Earning points rules
  • Reward campaigns
  • POS management
  • Merchants management

eCommerce Cockpit

  • Additional navigation in
  • Widget
  • Layout changes
  • Available rewards
  • Available earning points rules
  • Available levels
  • Cart with levels
  • Match with loyalty card
  • Refer a friend
  • Redeemed rewards
  • About loyalty program
  • Transactions in off-line and on-line

Client Cockpit

  • Login or register
  • Available earning points rules
  • Available Rewards
  • About loyalty program
  • Profile and preferences
  • Transactions in on-line and off-line overview
  • Match with eCommerce infosite
  • POS map

POS Cockpit

  • Register customer in loyalty
  • Match customer with
  • Identify customer
  • Available earning points rules
  • Available rewards
  • About loyalty program


Customize to your needs


Setup and Connect


Run Reward Campaigns

You can completely customize the user experience, redesign cockpits and modify or develop key features.

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