🎉  Deloitte & Google recognized Open Loyalty as a Tech Rocketship!

Open Loyalty Winner of the 2023 CE Tech Rocketship! Category

Published on
December 7, 2023
Irek Klimczak
Content & Community Lead

We are thrilled to announce that Open Loyalty has won the CE Tech Rocketship Award as part of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe Programme. This special recognition by Google Cloud and Deloitte awards companies that have developed high-quality, scalable solutions with the potential to serve the most demanding customers in the market. Joint teams assessed the companies’ technologies and awarded those with the greatest business potential.

“I’m particularly happy to congratulate the year’s winner, Polish software business Open Loyalty, for its unique approach to creating fully personalised loyalty programmes with no loss of business agility.” Nir Chinsky, Regional Managing Director, Google Cloud

Toolkit to understand and engage your customers

Open Loyalty is an API-first loyalty engine for building loyalty and gamification mechanics fast and at scale. The company’s mission is to help brands drive more revenue at lower costs by giving them a toolkit to understand and engage their customers.

“The solution is an elastic alternative to heavy loyalty program management platforms,” explains Karol Bzik, CPO and co-founder of Open Loyalty.

“Our value proposition is based on flexibility and a shorter time to market compared to developing loyalty features from scratch. We provide our clients with an adjustable loyalty engine based on a modern API-first approach,” he adds.

Product teams use Open Loyalty to extend their existing systems with ready-to-use loyalty and gamification components such as points, tiers, rewards, achievements, coupons, and others.

Despite being young (it was founded in 2017), Open Loyalty already serves 48 clients from 29 countries worldwide, such as ALDO, Limango, and the U.S. Soccer Federation.

The company is committed to continuous evolution to keep it and its clients ahead of the market. “Over the last year, we’ve been delivering constant value with new Open Loyalty upgrades every two weeks. As a result, since 2022, we’ve taken the Open Loyalty engine to the next level in terms of business capabilities and the scale our solution can handle!” Karol explains.

It’s this continuous development and improvement that’s been highlighted by the CE Tech Rocketship award!

“In our opinion, the CE Tech Rocketship award is one of the most important distinctions a tech company can receive,” comments Cezary Olejarczyk, Open Loyalty’s CEO and co-founder.

Karol Bzik, CPO and co-founder of Open Loyalty with Tomasz Kwiecień, Strategy and Development Director at OEX SA

Great teams make great things happen

“We dedicate the award to our team of loyalty and technology professionals, without whom we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today. I believe that only tech businesses with a great crew can win on the market. The founders’ most important responsibility in a fast-growing company is always to find the right people to work with.”

Open Loyalty’s CEO is confident that this attitude has played an important role in overcoming the global slowdown. “Scaling the company during economically difficult times has been our biggest challenge, along with finding the best talent while maintaining our cost-efficiency. But working with great people and delivering the right product that solves real problems for our clients has got us through.”

And there’s no sign of this amazing company slowing down. “We’ll continue extending Open Loyalty with new products based on the needs of our clients,” adds Kacper Cebo, CSO and the third co-founder of Open Loyalty.

“And, beyond that, we’re planning to enrich our loyalty toolkit with a new AI component that gives Open Loyalty clients even more of an advantage over their competitors.”

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