API-first loyalty engine recognized by Deloitte & Google as a CE Tech Rocketship

Loyalty technology

API-first Loyalty Platform to create a solution of any shape

Open Loyalty provides a set of building-blocks for developing any kind of loyalty applications. It’s created by developers for developers.

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Modular and flexible REST APIs

Build with the most advanced loyalty API and connect to any frontends or third-party applications you choose

Microservices-ready architecture

Use appropriate architecture and easily implement, manage, or swap your toolset.

Support for any front-end applications

Introduce tailor-made loyalty mechanics with personalized user experiences at any touchpoint

Highly scalable cloud platform

Rely on highly-resilient cloud infrastructure that ensures the operation of your digital projects at all times

Headless architecture

Move your loyalty engine from a monolithic system to agile technology

Modern technology has evolved, enabling new ways of creating and managing the architecture of complex systems. Follow the latest trends of the headless and API first architectures and move your clunky system to flexible and powerful loyalty blocks.


All you need to start developing personalized loyalty engine with Open Loyalty technology

API documentation

Deep dive in our powerful loyalty program API and see how it fits your needs.


See example implementation architecture and the developer’s guide.


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API-centric solution

Use API to deliver a dedicated loyalty program faster

At Open Loyalty, the front-end presentation is decoupled from back-end logic, channel, and programming language, as well as being framework-agnostic. It provides the freedom developers expect from a modern tech stack.

See all Loyalty Program API endpoints.