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Digital wallet software to build a standalone solution for payments and loyalty

Extend your loyalty program with digital wallet mechanics like multiple types of points, gift cards or prepaid cards.
Great brands build reward programs with Open Loyalty
Use cases

Digital wallets software that covers the essential and allows

Configure wallets with various currencies, e.g., points, dollars, stars

Use a different wallet for redeeming rewards and tiers

Set separated earning rules for every digital wallet

Track and manage every currency transfer

Configure currency expiration rules

Add unit transfers manually or from 3rd party systems

Set up currency pending rules

Include digital wallet features to any system with API

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Multi-wallet loyalty scheme

Create and manage multiple digital wallets to store numerous currencies and values

Open Loyalty white-label e-wallet lets you create an unlimited number of digital wallets, allowing you to add as many currencies or other asset types as necessary, without any limits.
Set up advanced loyalty program schemes with various point types and cashback mechanics. Easily manage, store, and let your customer redeem currencies and rewards to build lasting loyalty.
Custom currency configurations

Configure different currencies and values settings on every wallet

Don’t limit your customers to one generic points-based wallet. Whether it’s miles, stars, dollars or points, choose one that complements your brand. Have customers earn and collect that in their own digital wallets.
Keep track of available, expired, and pending points easily with white-label digital wallet software, and set unique settings to maintain your loyalty programs.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
Advanced liability tracking

Track and manage every currency transfer in advanced liability tracking module

A digital wallet is more than just a way to make your loyalty program easier. It should also help you get valuable data on every currency operation within the wallet. Open Loyalty’s digital wallet lets you monitor every member transaction.
Browse through customer wallet details according to their profile. Leverage data by deep-dive pattern analysis of your customers’ earning and spending.
Freedom to create

Add a custom digital wallet app to power up your loyalty marketing strategy

Include digital wallets in your omnichannel strategy. Whether it’s via desktop, an ecommerce store, or a digital wallet app,deliver exceptional digital payment experience across all channels. Connect wallets and digital wallet apps through integration with the corresponding service or payment provider.
Leverage Open Loyalty’s mobile loyalty program software and mix various modules and components to create engagement mechanics that resonate with your customers.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
Headless architecture

Build your e-wallet solution with white-label and enterprise-grade system

Thanks to our universal API you can connect Open Loyalty’s white-label ewallet solution to almost any existing solution on the market including eCommerce system, digital Kiosks, mobile apps or POS systems.
Power up your loyalty program applications by adding new functionalities to your e-wallet product, and integrate it with almost any mobile front-end or third-party marketing platform to cover your customer journey.
Loyalty mechanics

Use flexible loyalty solution modules to build loyalty program of any shape

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