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Introduce gamification solution based on achievements, tiers, points or rewards. Engage customers in omnichannel gamification campaigns.
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Gamification software that covers the essential and allows

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Extend loyalty program with achievements and tiers

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Introduce gamified referral campaigns based on milestones and achievements

Configure challenges related to transaction history

Reward repeated behavior over time

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Define achievements based on member’s behavior, e.g. visits

Reward user engagement when completing actions done in a row

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Reward customers for reaching milestones

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Add gamified tiers with a custom upgrade and downgrade rules

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Winning challenges

Set achievements in your gamification platform, and reward customers for reaching milestones

Configure achievements based on behaviour or purchase history and reward members for completing them. Define goals based on events frequency or milestones reached in specific period of time.  
With Open Loyaty’s game mechanics you can create gamified campaigns such as reward behaviour repeated over time. eg. visit our store 4 times in December or leave at least 5 product reviews.
Dynamic tiers

Encourage customers to constant engagement with gamified tiers

Configure gamification platform tiers based on number of points or spending. Add custom upgrade and downgrade conditions to keep customers constantly engaged with your brand. Give more benefits to members who stay active.
Create gamified level configuration such as Tiers based on the number of points earned in recent days. For example earn 100 points in 30 days to stay in the tier Gold.
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Gamified Campaigns

Run highly targeted gamified campaings of any shape

Use Open Loyalty’s campaign module and create gamification campaigns based on combination of various conditions from profile data, transactional history, behavioural data and many other attributes. Adjust campaign targeting to your gamification strategy.
Configure single or multiple results of the campaigns such as bonus points, coupons or material rewards given instantly after reaching as specific achievement.
ROI of Gamification

Monitor the ROI of your gamification campaigns and maximize their efficiency

Measure the results of gamified loyalty program and ensure that the results are aligned with revenue and frequency of purchases. Use customer and session data to test and optimize campaigns for the best sales performance.
Use anti-fraud limitations in campaigns and achievements to keep your budget under control. Track every achievement and and detect suspicious behaviour. Invest only in the gamification tools that provide a return on investment and resonate with your customers.
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Secure, scalable and robust

Power up customer loyalty through enterprise gamification platform

Implement Open Loyalty customer gamification quickly & secure for hundreds of thousands of users. Easily integrate the gamification platform, both on-premise or extendable into any system thanks to the robust API.
Help and knowledge are at your fingertips. Customer Success specialists are available for any questions and guidance on live demos and trainings. You can rely on the technical support of Open Loyalty to ensure your success.
Omnichannel gamification

Introduce gamified loyalty programs in any touchpoint like eCommerce, social media or mobile app

Make your gamification platform truly omnichannel by connecting any front-end application used by your customers. Easily add gamification program features to your existing systems thanks to the robust Open Loyalty API and the headless architecture.
Connect gamification software with almost any platform to provide a more personalized experience for user engagement. Use data from any system you have to run gamification campaigns.
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Loyalty features

Add loyalty and gamification features to your products and services and drive results

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