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Codes and receipt scanning

Engage customers with scan-and-earn campaigns based on product codes and receipt scanning.
Scanning codes
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Scan-and-earn campaigns

Create various loyalty campaigns based on code and receipt scanning

Create scan-and-earn business logic and consumer packaged goods (CPG) loyalty programs. Reward customers when they scan codes from the product packages or every time they scan receipts with your product on the list.
Data security and transparency
Access control list
Business results

Achieve various business goals with scan and earn mechanics

Use Open Loyalty’s campaign builder to create rules that will fulfill your business objectives such as: collect customer data, grow sales of specific products, accelerate buying frequency, improve transaction value, collect product feedback, or increase translation frequency.
Customer insights

Measure engagement and gain valuable customer insights

Retain a direct connection with your customers and trigger them with your marketing interactions.Collect customer data and gather insights about their behavior and preferences. Build a source of valuable product feedback.
ISO and GDRP compliance
High scalability
Mobile loyalty app

Create a custom mobile loyalty app with product codes or receipts scanning

Use Open Loyalty’s white-label mobile loyalty application to create your custom mobile app faster.Introduce an easy-to_access way to scan codes on the product packages. Avoid painful point of sales (POS) integration by introducing receipt scanning.
Loyalty features

Building blocks to create business logic of any shape

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Success stories

See how Open Loyalty helps brands grow their business


How ALDO used Open Loyalty to create a fully omnichannel loyalty program that went live in the US, UK, and Canada in 3 months.

MSI Rewards

How MSI used Open Loyalty services to implement a gamification-based loyalty program for gamers in 10 countries in just 3 months.

U.S. Soccer Insiders

How the U.S. Soccer Federation worked with Open Loyalty to create a multi-tier, omnichannel loyalty program to engage football fans.