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API-first loyalty platform

Loyalty program API with limitless applications

With Open Loyalty’s advanced loyalty program API, you can create a truly personalized customer experience and easily connect your loyalty program to all all front-ends and third-party applications you want.

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The approach

API-based architecture guarantees the agility and scalability of your business

API-based architecture is at the core of modern marketing technologies. With rich API interfaces, brands and retailers gain the flexibility to create personalized experiences at all digital touchpoints.

Loyalty endpoints

Use API to deliver dedicated loyalty program faster

At Open Loyalty the front-end presentation is decoupled from back-end logic, channel, programming language, and is framework agnostic. This way we provide the freedom developers expect from a modern techstack.

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Headless architecture

Connect your custom UX with a flexible loyalty program API

Our APIs guarantee a fast and safe exchange of information, so you can connect different components from an existing ecosystem. A headless approach allows you to develop new front-end applications across all touchpoints without the need for meddling in the back-end.