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customer acquisition campaign templates and good practices - article cover

Customer acquisition campaign templates and good practices

Check out this comprehensive article on customer acquisition and try out ready-to-use campaign templates and best practices to skyrocket your business.
Karl Bzik
Monika Motus
Coalition loyalty programs: how to create an engaging open-loop loyalty program? - article cover

Coalition loyalty programs: how to create an engaging open-loop loyalty program?

Learn everything about coalition loyalty programs and how to build your first program.
Irek Klimczak
Lia Grimberg
90 days after a loyalty program launch - article cover

How to manage the first 90 days after a loyalty program launch

Explore the intricacies of navigating a loyalty program after launch with expert Charlie Hills. Dive into challenges, strategies, and success stories of the first 90 days, and glean key insights from this Chief Strategy Officer at Mando-Connect. Don't miss these pivotal takeaways!
Irek Klimczak
Charlie Hills
Common challenges encountered when implementing a loyalty program - article cover

How to address common challenges when implementing a loyalty program

In this episode of the Loyalty program builders podcast, we sit down with Amanda Cromhout to address common challenges encountered when implementing a loyalty program.
Irek Klimczak
Amanda Cromhout
repeat purchases - article cover

How to drive repeat purchases with a loyalty program

Learn how to boost repeat purchases with a well-designed loyalty program. Explore strategies for new users, active members, and at-risk customers. Discover best practices for customer-centric success.
Robert Świetlicki
loyalty program health blog cover

How to audit your loyalty program health, with David Slavick

In this episode, we delve into the crucial topic of loyalty program health audits with David Slavick, an expert in the field.
Irek Klimczak
David Slavick

10 Market-proven loyalty campaign templates (2023)

To make the life of loyalty marketers easier, we’ve worked closely with top loyalty marketing experts to prepare market-proven loyalty program campaign templates.
Karl Bzik
Loyalty program business case - article cover

Loyalty program business case - good practices with Lia Grimberg

In this episode of the Loyalty program builders podcast, we talk with Lia Grimberg about how to create a loyalty program business case, including timeline
Irek Klimczak
Lia Grimberg
Successful referral programs blogpost cover picture.

Successful referral program: 6 fundamental practices and examples

Boost your business with referrals. Learn from 6 tried-and-true practices and real examples in our guide to crafting a successful referral program.
Karol Bzik
Monika Motus
loyalty program KPIs whitepaper cover

Loyalty program KPIs: templates and best practices

Measure, improve, and succeed! Use the loyalty program KPI report as a roadmap to drive loyalty scheme effectiveness and outcomes.
Karl Bzik
Monika Motus
effective tiered loyalty programs - cover image

Effective tiered loyalty programs

Discover the art of effective tier differentiation and maximize profits with a tiered loyalty program. Engage, reward, and retain customers better with market-proven tiered programs.
Karl Bzik
Monika Motus
How to prepare the ideal customer loyalty strategy cover

How to prepare the ideal customer loyalty strategy, with Philip Shelper [Podcast]

An article based on an the Loyalty program builders podcast interview with Philip Shelper.
Irek Klimczak
Philip Shelper
Loyalty program brief cover

Loyalty program brief

Use the template created by experts to clarify your vision and identify your needs and expectations regarding the loyalty program.
Milada Canowiecka
loyalty segmentation templates whitepaper cover

19 market-proven loyalty segmentation templates (2023)

A comprehensive resource of meticulously compiled examples of loyalty program segments, created in collaboration with experienced loyalty program experts.
Paweł Dziadkowiec
loyalty segmentation guide cover picture

A Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing Loyalty Segmentation

Supercharge customer loyalty with our walk-through guide to segmentation. Increase engagement, sales, and personalization in just a few steps.
Monika Motus
Paweł Dziadkowiec
CPG loyalty programs - cover

CPG loyalty programs: how the top 7 CPG brands engage end customers

Discover the top 7 successful CPG loyalty programs that go above and beyond. Explore strategies used by top FMCG brands to connect with shoppers and increase customer loyalty.
Weronika Masternak
mobile loyalty app costs with Flutter

How to reduce mobile loyalty app development costs by up to 50% with Flutter?

Learn how to cut your loyalty application development costs in half with Flutter. Benefit from its efficiency to create a top-notch solution at a lower expense.
Karl Bzik
mobile loyalty program implementation checklist

Mobile loyalty program implementation checklist

A complete checklist dedicated to implementing a successful mobile loyalty program.
Robert Świetlicki
7 mobile loyalty app features used by tops brands to build great customer experiences

7 mobile loyalty app features used by top brands to build great customer experiences

In this article, I aim to take a closer look at different mobile loyalty mechanics used in some of the most popular loyalty programs.
Irek Klimczak
Loyalty program Implementation checklist

Loyalty program implementation: checklist and good practices

A complete guide dedicated to planning, setting up and launching a successful loyalty program prepared by loyalty experts.
Robert Świetlicki
loyalty software integrations with composable architecture

Loyalty program integrations — benefits of composite architecture when off-the-shelf plugins don't work

Loyalty programs are most effective when they leverage data from multiple sources across all customer touchpoints. How can you achieve that? Discover a modern way of data integration with composable loyalty architecture.
Karl Bzik
Global loyalty innovators report UAE

Global Loyalty Innovators report: UAE

Global Loyalty Innovators examines loyalty programs spearheading the loyalty industry across many different markets. From UAE to Australia, each issue features a renowned loyalty expert describing a program innovating and going beyond industry convention in their quest for lasting customer loyalty.
Izabela Grochowska
cost of building a loyalty program in-house cover

The true cost of building a custom loyalty program in-house

The costs of building a fully custom loyalty platform in-house are often more than you think. We have created an in-depth breakdown of costs to help you navigate the development process - including a true Cost of Ownership estimation.
Robert Świetlicki
loyalty program costs

Loyalty program costs: 5 things to remember when budgeting loyalty programs

Learn about the costs involved in building customer loyalty, with insights from Monika Motus, an accomplished loyalty expert, who has joined us to share the top 5 ingredients of budgeting a customer loyalty program, and some handy tips to help you along your loyalty path.
Monika Motus
Izabela Grochowska
loyalty conference

Loyalty Summit CXM: A time of great change

With Loyalty Summit CXM behind us, it's time to go over some of the most important insights and trends leaving their mark on the loyalty industry worldwide.
Izabela Grochowska
mall loyalty programs

How to build a successful mall loyalty program? An interview with Chayya Sakhuja

Compared to single-brands, mall loyalty programs tend to slip under the radar of loyalty marketing professionals. Chayya Sakhuja, the Co-Founder of QBF and loyalty program aficionado, tells it all.
Chayya Sakhuja
Izabela Grochowska
loyalty program strategy

Building an effective loyalty program strategy for Tesco Clubcard with Szymon Dziura

How to build a successful loyalty strategy? Szymon Dziura, former Customer Engagement Loyalty Manager at Tesco Clubcard, reveals all the ingredients to make it happen.
Szymon Dziura
Weronika Masternak
do loyalty programs work

Do loyalty programs work? An interview with Radek Hrachovec

With so many companies investing in customer loyalty programs, it’s worth posing the question: do loyalty programs work? Radek Hrachovec of Voxwise answers the question, and explains his unique methodology for loyalty program success.
Radek Hrachovec
Izabela Grochowska
loyalty marketing professional

Climbing the career ladder as a loyalty marketing expert with Manav Fernandez

What does it take to become a loyalty expert? Manav Fernandez, the co-founder of QuickBrownFox Consulting, tells us all about his journey.
Izabela Grochowska
Manav Fernandez
loyalty features

Top loyalty features – 6 examples of effective loyalty mechanics from leading brands

Find out what customer loyalty features global giants are using to retain customers, collect data and increase revenue.
Magdalena Złoczewska
white-label loyalty features

How to extend your product with API-first loyalty and gamification features

Find out how to easily and efficiently enrich your product with loyalty and gamification features of your choice, and set yourself apart from the competition.
Izabela Grochowska
loyalty trend predictions

Loyalty trend predictions for 2023

2023 is set to be another landmark year for the loyalty industry. Find out what trends are transforming the space, and what loyalty experts have to say about the future of loyalty.
Izabela Grochowska
Loyalty program gamification

10 best gamification loyalty programs

For the past few years, the use of gamification tactics has exploded in the loyalty space and beyond. Find out what companies are doing it best and what they have in common.
Izabela Grochowska
Best loyalty software

Best loyalty software: comparison guide 2023

Discover the top 10 loyalty software options available on the market along with their pros and cons. Make an informed decision when it comes to building your loyalty engine.
Weronika Masternak
Build vs. buy dilemma

How to solve the build vs. buy dilemma when building a loyalty solution

Find out how to reconcile the build vs. buy dilemma without limiting your business to either of the approaches, and reaping the benefits of both.
Izabela Grochowska
Loyalty Program Trends blogpost cover picture.

Loyalty Program Trends 2023 report

The Loyalty Trends Report 2023 covers everything you need to know about what’s in stock for the industry in 2023. Key trends, goals, challenges and areas of investment. The research is based on a survey completed by 100 high-profile marketers from various industries across the world.
Izabela Grochowska
loyalty program liability

Loyalty program liability - with Len Llaguno

Learn all about loyalty program liability from Len Llaguno, the Founder and Managing Partner at KYROS, the world's only actuarial firm focused solely on loyalty programs.
Len Llaguno
Izabela Grochowska
loyalty program strategy

How to redesign a loyalty program strategy - with Stacey Lyons

In the latest installment of the "Ask a Loyalty Expert" series, we speak to Stacey Lyons, who's the loyalty director at Loyalty & Reward Co, a leading loyalty consulting agency.
Stacey Lyons
Izabela Grochowska
Loyalty programs uk

What the British want from loyalty programs - with Charlie Hills

In our most recent interview, we talk to Charlie Hills from Mando-Connect, an experienced loyalty strategist and the brains behind the popular white paper series, ‘What the British want from loyalty programmes’.
Charlie Hills
Izabela Grochowska
Effective request for proposal

How to write an effective loyalty program RFP

Find out how you can use a simple RFP document for your loyalty program to get legitimate proposals from loyalty providers without hours of research.
Weronika Masternak
Blockchain loyalty programs

Blockchain loyalty program guide - with Cezary Olejarczyk

In our latest interview, we speak to none other than our CEO, Cezary Olejarczyk, who tells us about all things blockchain, including the value it can add, some of its most crucial use cases, and Open Loyalty's open source blockchain undertakings.
Cezary Olejarczyk
Loyalty program implementation

Loyalty program implementation: a step-by-step guide

Follow the 10 essential steps to implement a loyalty program without breaking a sweat.
Weronika Masternak
Startup recruitment

Startup recruitment: how Open Loyalty makes it work

Learn about our approach to recruitment in the loyalty world, and why it yields such great results.
Izabela Grochowska
Top 10 loyalty programs for sports clubs cover image

Top 10 loyalty programs for sports clubs

Learn about the most popular and successful loyalty programs for sports clubs - facts, numbers, and their most exciting features.
Jakub Spiryn
Loyalty program metrics cover picture

Loyalty program metrics: measuring the health of your loyalty program

Learn the nine must-have metrics for tracking the performance of your loyalty program with advice from our expert, Paweł Dziadkowiec. Become a loyalty analytics pro in a few simple steps.
Weronika Masternak
Paweł Dziadkowiec
Loyalty program benefits header

Loyalty program benefits: how a loyalty program can grow your business

Learn about benefits of having a powerful loyalty engine and find out how it can change your business game. In this piece, we dive into eight key benefits of loyalty programs, as well as the reasons behind their popularity.
Weronika Masternak
Irish loyalty awards blogpost cover picture.

Irish Loyalty Awards - with Eileen McGuinness

An interview with Eileen McGuinness, the Co-Founder of the Irish Loyalty Awards, and a longtime loyalty practitioner with over 15 years' industry experience.
Eileen McGuinness
Izabela Grochowska
Loyalty program strategy blogpost cover picture.

Designing a successful loyalty program strategy

An interview with Phil Hussey, an experienced loyalty practitioners with over 20 years of industry experience across multiple verticals and global brands.
Phil Hussey
Izabela Grochowska
Coffee loyalty programs blogpost cover picture.

Coffee loyalty programs: 10 successful examples (2022)

Learn about loyalty programs in the coffee shop world, what it takes to make them work, as well as how top coffeehouses have designed and implemented theirs.
Izabela Grochowska
Sustainable loyalty programs blogpost cover picture.

Sustainable loyalty programs amid changing customers expectations

As environmental issues become impossible to ignore, demographics shift and customer expectations change, implementing sustainability is gradually becoming a core practice in the world of loyalty.
Izabela Grochowska
online marketplace loyalty programs

Online marketplace loyalty programs: 10 successful examples (2022)

There's no better place to reserve a hotel room, rent a car, book a seat at a restaurant, or buy a bus ticket than online booking websites. They're gaining more and more customers because they're user-friendly and can be accessed freely regardless of device, time, and place. Below we take a look at some key examples, and show how they can be executed in Open Loyalty Campaign Language.
Weronika Masternak
D2C loyalty programs blogpost cover picture.

Loyalty in D2C: How brands selling through third-party retailers can build customer loyalty

As the direct-to-consumer (D2C) industry experiences a boom, with large numbers of digitally native retailers flooding the retail space and building loyal followings, some FMCGs may be struggling to keep up. Below we explore how they can do so - and more.
Izabela Grochowska
Retail loyalty programs blogpost cover picture.

Designing effective retail loyalty programs

An interview with Rajasree Cheruvu, an experienced loyalty marketer with over 15 years of experience in the retail industry across multiple international markets like the UK, UAE and India.
Rajasree Cheruvu
Izabela Grochowska
Partnership loyalty campaigns blogpost cover picture.

Invigorating Loyalty Performance Through Win-Win Partnerships

David Slavick, an accomplished loyalty professional and the Co-Founder of Ascendant Loyalty with extensive experience in building customer-centric programs for global companies.
David Slavick
Izabela Grochowska
Coupon marketing blogpost cover picture.

Effective coupon marketing with Alex Süßel

An interview with Alex Süßel, a highly experienced loyalty expert with a wide range of experience in the digital space, and over 10 years in coupon marketing.
Alex Süßel
Izabela Grochowska
Loyalty marketing career growing blogpost cover picture.

How to build a career as a loyalty marketing expert?

An interview with Emily Ong, a seasoned loyalty professional with a wide array of experience in the loyalty industry.
Emily Ong
Izabela Grochowska
Bilt rewards blogpost cover picture.

How did the Bilt Rewards program change home renting into a rewarding experience?

An interview with David Canty, Head of Loyalty & Partnerships at Bilt Rewards
David Canty
Izabela Grochowska
Bank loyalty programs cover picture.

Bank loyalty programs: 10 successful examples (2022)

Ever wondered what loyalty programs look like in the banking space? In this piece, you'll find out about how the industry is changing, what that means for customer loyalty programs; in addition to a few handy tips on how to make yours work just as well.
Izabela Grochowska
Restaurant loyalty programs blogpost cover picture.

Restaurant loyalty programs: 10 successful examples (2022)

Learn about loyalty programs in the restaurant world, what it takes to make them work, as well as how top restaurant companies have designed and implemented theirs.
Izabela Grochowska
Ecommerce loyalty programs blogpost cover picture.

Ecommerce loyalty programs: 10 successful examples (2022)

Read an in-depth analysis of the top 10 eCommerce loyalty programs and see what loyalty features make them successful.
Weronika Masternak
b2b loyalty program blogpost cover picture.

B2B loyalty program: How to use a mobile loyalty app to drive B2B sales

Discover a comprehensive and expert-proven guide on how to make your B2B loyalty program stand out with a bespoke loyalty app.
Weronika Masternak
Paweł Dziadkowiec
MACH system loyalty program development blogpost cover picture.

How to speed up loyalty program development with MACH system architecture

A scalable loyalty solution built on top of Open Loyalty and AWS, with up to 1500 concurrent users, easy scalability of the infrastructure and ability to withstand traffic peaks.
Karol Bzik
Loyalty program management blogpost cover picture.

Loyalty program management: 8 proven practices for managing your loyalty program

Learn how to successfully manage a loyalty program using practices recommended by experts.
Paweł Dziadkowiec
Retail loyalty programs blogpost cover picture.

Meet the 10 Best Retail Loyalty Programs (2021)

The best examples of retail loyalty programs around the world.
Karol Bzik
Zero party data blogpost cover picture.

Zero-party data: What is it and how can loyalty programs help you collect it?

Scott Harrison is a Strategy Consultant at loyalty consulting agency, Loyalty & Reward Co. Scott co-created the book “Loyalty Programs: The Complete Guide”. It’s the most comprehensive book available on loyalty program theory and practice.
Scott Harrison
Headless loyalty software blogpost cover picture.

Headless loyalty software and the evolution of the loyalty systems

What the headless approach means and how to implement the new generation of loyalty systems.
Karol Bzik
Fashion loyalty programs blogpost cover picture

How fashion brands can run a successful loyalty program in the post-COVID economy

An interview with Louise Hutchins, Managing Director at The Loyalty People and former Head of Loyalty at Marks and Spencer
Karol Bzik
Loyalty program audit blogpost cover picture.

Loyalty program audit - how to assess your loyalty program in a time of crisis?

An interview with David Slavick, Partner at Ascendant Loyalty.
David Slavick
Loyalty Programs benchmark report blogpost cover picture.

Top 100 Best Loyalty Programs benchmark report

Learn and inspire from loyalty programs from 100 leading brands on the market. See loyalty strategies and mechanics that work in various industries.
Karol Bzik
Mobile loyalty program apps blogpost cover picture.

10 best mobile loyalty program apps

Explore top 10 mobile loyalty programs. Learn from the biggest customer loyalty programs on the market. Read a complete benchmark study of trending loyalty mobile applications prepared by Mobee Dick and Open Loyalty.
Karl Bzik
Customer Churn blogpost cover picture.

Customer Churn: Learn from the biggest players how to stop it!

Discover proven tactics to build customer loyalty and reduce customer churn in your loyalty program
Karl Bzik
Best rewards programs for customer blogpost cover picture.

The TOP 40 Best Rewards Programs for customers

Discover the most interesting customer reward programs from industries like beauty, pharmacy, food, services, B2B, fashion, sport, home, automotive, gas, and entertainment.
Karl Bzik
Fuel loyalty programs blogpost cover picture.

Loyalty in fuel retail - what makes a fuel rewards program successful?

An interview with Paweł Dziadkowiec, former BP Loyalty Manager.
Paweł Dziadkowiec
A scalable loyalty solution blogpost cover picture.

Building a massive-scale loyalty program based on Open Loyalty and AWS

A scalable loyalty solution built on top of Open Loyalty and AWS, with up to 1500 concurrent users, easy scalability of the infrastructure and ability to withstand traffic peaks.
Karol Bzik
Optimize loyalty program costs blogpost cover picture.

Optimize loyalty program costs. A checklist for program cost-effectiveness

Find significant budget savings in your loyalty program software cost. Learn how and where you can cut costs, in response to tightened budgets, but still have an effective loyalty program.
Karl Bzik
Loyalty program trends 2020 predictions blogpost cover picture.

What's the future of loyalty programs?

While working on the Loyalty Trends 2020 report, we asked top loyalty professionals about their thoughts and predictions for the future.
Karl Bzik
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