API-First White-label loyalty program software 

Create personalized loyalty solutions or extend your stack with a headless white-label loyalty platform.
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Headless architecture

Power up your loyalty program application with a headless white-label software

Use Open Loyalty white-label software as a high-performance engine to run your personalized loyalty campaigns. The advanced loyalty program API guarantees scalability and agility for your campaigns. Connect to any web or mobile front-end or third-party marketing platform to cover your customer journey.
Use Open Loyalty’s loyalty blocks and extend your existing solution with loyalty program features.
Shadow loyalty system

Full control over your loyalty program branding and interface

Brand each piece of your loyalty program to create a consistent experience over your marketing efforts. Build a custom front-end application from scratch, or integrate it into your existing loyalty program. Thanks to the API-first approach you can make front-end adjustments on the go without deep backend changes.
Make frontend implementation easier and faster with the Open Loyalty headless architecture.
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Full customizability

Build unique loyalty programs with white-label loyalty software 

With Open Loyalty flexible API architecture and customization features, you can engage current and new customers with unique loyalty schemes that follow your business logic. 
Modify or extend existing loyalty and gamification blocks, design multi-level rewards schemes, and segments. Reward customer engagement with custom events, reward points, or activities. Develop your own custom earning rules, reward campaigns, segmentation, or any other mechanics to support your loyalty strategy.

Establish events for desirable actions like sharing social media posts or making purchases in shops in a specific area. Tell the system which actions should follow such as granting rewards or contacting customers via email. 

Read more about the Open Loyalty API.
Ease of integrtion

Connect your white-label loyalty software with any internal or external platform

Connect your white label rewards platform with most digital places on the market. Distribute your loyalty rewards across multiple digital touch-points by using a single white-label platform. 
An API-first approach keeps your customer experience consistent across all channels. Put your resources where your customers are  - in the eCommerce system, POS system, mobile app, or digital KIOSK. 

Open Loyalty's platform provides a wide range of out-of-the-box data capture technologies designed to enable importing existing customer data, or develop custom data capture features on your own.
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Mobile friendly

Integrate loyalty programs easily with a mobile loyalty app 

Plugin your loyalty program into your loyalty mobile application. Integrate it easily into an existing platform or use it as a standalone solution. Open Loyalty engine gives access to both iOS and Android platforms. 
Align your app layout to your branding and customer behavior, or build a mobile loyalty app from scratch. Display personalized content, push notifications and make your app engaging for your audience. 
Enterprise ready

A white-label loyalty platform with enterprise-grade capabilities

Loyalty engines made with high-performance in mind. Avoid unexpected bottlenecks and manage loyalty programs handling thousands of concurrent API calls, with response time even less than 1 second. 
Open Loyalty ensures that your users’ data is safe and secure with high-grade security including GDPR compliance, system architecture and technology designed with safety in mind. Security checks have been performed by our banking customers, some of the most demanding companies in the field of security. 

Among others Open Loyalty white-label loyalty box solution offers role-based control, approval workflows, log monitorings, access control lists and much more. 
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Building blocks

Use elastic loyalty solution modules to build loyalty program of any shape

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