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Loyalty points system for increasing customer retention and engagement

Create points-based customer loyalty programs with various earning rules. Build customer loyalty, by rewarding customers for their purchases, behavior, or specific interactions.

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Transactional Earning Rules

Introduce reward point campaigns based on your chosen transaction attributes

Use transactional earning rules to define how many points can be earned based on transaction attributes, such as shopping in person or via your online store. Combine rules with time, segment, location, and more.

Work with predefined rules or add custom ones to engage customers and increase customer lifetime value among loyalty members.

Picture showing example customer loyalty program scheme.
An example of a points-based rewards program rewarding specific customer behavior.

Behavioral Earning Rules

Build a points-based loyalty program that rewards customers for specific behaviors

Reward loyal customers with behavioral earning rules, based on actions they have taken. Encourage customers to perform actions such as referring new customers, subscribing to your newsletter, making repeat purchases, and much more.

Configure custom events and give points for any you want.

Points liability management

Manage point transfers in your loyalty program manually or automatically

Monitor every point transfer in your loyalty program, including earning and spending points. Configure digital wallets for storing points and stay up to date with the extended points liability management module. 

If needed, add point transfers manually or import them from third party systems via the Open Loyalty API. Access customer data to determine the number of points, including active, pending, burned, or expired points.

Quickly determine the number of loyalty points for your existing customers base.
Prevent overspending, fraud, and make campaign management hassle-free.

Points limitations

Define earning rules and limits to secure your loyalty program against fraud

The Open Loyalty points program is designed to ensure you keep your budget in check and stay one step ahead of fraudsters. With the campaign limitations feature, you can set limits for the total number of rewards points that can be earned. Decide on the number of available points per campaign and member.

Use budget limits as a security measure to prevent overspending, fraud, and make campaign management hassle-free. Keep your budget in check and stay one step ahead of fraudsters.

Various redemption mechanics

Allow members to spend their loyalty points in many different ways

Design the most effective redemption mechanics for your business. Let customers use their points to redeem loyalty program rewards, coupons or turn them into a payment method.

For more gamified programs, use point-based tiers that will be automatically recalculated according to the schedule you set. Read more about the loyalty tier module.

Let your customers spend their loyalty points in numerous ways.

Use elastic loyalty solution modules to introduce rich engagement mechanics

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Loyalty blocks

Use elastic loyalty solution modules to introduce rich engagement mechanics