Engage customers with achievements

Configure campaigns based on achievements, challenges or milestones and reward customers for completing them
Achievement-based campaigns in Open Loyalty
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Use cases

Drive results with achievements

Do 2 transactions of at least $100 each

Spend $150 on the product with a given SKU

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Finalize a transaction 4 months in a row

Track a workout of at least 30 minutes 5 days in a row

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Login to the mobile app 7 days in a row

Refer 5x new customers

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Purchase 3 ACME products in December

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Leave 3+ product reviews this year


Configure any shape of achievements, challenges or milestones

Use Open Loyalty's gamification software to create achievements that drive your business goals, such as purchase frequency or increasing customer lifetime value.
Set challenges with goals based on transactional data, customer behavior or activity streaks. Create simple milestones or multi-dimensional achievements composed of several rules. 
Achievement-based campaigns
Achievements and challenges

Use achievements to trigger campaigns and reward customers for completing them

Allow customers to participate in achievement-based campaigns, which give users additional benefits such as points, rewards, coupons, or badges. Configure campaigns that reward customers both for completing milestones and for fulfilling the whole challenge.
See examples of achievement-based campaigns created by our loyalty experts.
Achievements analytics

Track progress and results driven by achievements

Monitor which achievement-based campaigns are the most popular or engaging. Check customer progress in fulfilling assigned challenges. Apply insights to improve your loyalty marketing and deliver more business results.
ISO and GDRP compliance

We used Open Loyalty pre-built modules, applied the loyalty mechanics via API to our tech stack and focused fully on the customer experience

Fritze von Berswordt
Fritze von Berswordt
Managing Director, EQUIVA

We loved what the API had to offer as we knew it was going to be a code integration, as well as some of the out-of-the-box features. We are extremely happy with the usability

Nicole Kusi
Nicole Kusi
Product Manager, United States Soccer Federation

The Open Loyalty customer loyalty program software allows us a lot of flexibility in building these dynamics and delivering a strong experience for our consumers

Thomas Archer Bata
Thomas Archer Bata
ALDO Group
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