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Reward customers with loyalty badges and use gamification to drive business results.
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Custom badges

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User receives badge “Royal” upon collecting 3,000 points

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Offer “Seasonal shopper” badge for buying during Black Friday

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Spending 1,000 points grants badge “Mega Shopper” for 3 months

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Award yearly anniversary badges every account birthday

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Facebook-like “Top contributor” status to very active members

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Provide a sale coupon only to members with “Seasoned” badge

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Members who write three reviews get badge “Influencer”

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Assign a permant 10% off to “Veteran” badge holders

Custom badges

Introduce gamification and engage customers with badges

Configure loyalty campaigns in the Open Loyalty gamification software and award badges to members who achieve specific goals.
Use various triggers, such as transactions, referrals, achievements, or customer behavior, to award loyalty badges and unlock customer benefits. Prominently display earned badges to create a sense of competition among your customers.
Badges earned by the members
Tracking customers with specific badges

Track results driven by badges and optimize your business logic

Monitor badge-based and regular campaigns to see which are the most popular. Use insights to improve your loyalty marketing and deliver more business results with gamification.

We used Open Loyalty pre-built modules, applied the loyalty mechanics via API to our tech stack and focused fully on the customer experience

Fritze von Berswordt
Fritze von Berswordt
Managing Director, EQUIVA

We loved what the API had to offer as we knew it was going to be a code integration, as well as some of the out-of-the-box features. We are extremely happy with the usability

Nicole Kusi
Nicole Kusi
Product Manager, United States Soccer Federation

The Open Loyalty customer loyalty program software allows us a lot of flexibility in building these dynamics and delivering a strong experience for our consumers

Thomas Archer Bata
Thomas Archer Bata
ALDO Group
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