Loyalty campaign software

Create and manage loyalty program campaigns to deliver business results. Mix and match flexible loyalty mechanics that align with your goals.
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Achieve business goals

Use flexible loyalty campaign mechanics to achieve various goals

track loyalty engagement

Drive customer acquisition with referral campaigns

connect with 3rd party analytics

Increase customer LTV with tiered loyalty programs

report loyalty metrics

Activate customers through personalized achievements

detect customer behavior

Earn higher margins with product-specific campaigns

export loyalty data

Increase transaction value with spend-based campaigns

export loyalty data

Accelerate product sales with targeted campaigns

export loyalty data

Grow the number of transactions with frequency-based rewards

identify high value customers

Collect customer data with reward-based surveys

identify high value customers

Increase transaction frequency with time-limited campaigns

identify high value customers

Gather product feedback and insights with review-based rewards

Limitless campaign configuration

Configure campaigns of any shape with the Open Loyalty Language

Build it how you want it. Set up campaigns effortlessly with our intuitive rule-based language. Define campaign triggers, rules, conditions and effects without the need for complex coding or technical expertise.
Open Loyalty's easy configuration system makes it accessible to all users, regardless of their technical background, allowing for quick and efficient campaign setup.
For more advanced configuration you can write your own campaign script by using the Open Loyalty Language.
monitor loyalty program performance in real time
Configure and track active loyalty members
Diverse loyalty mechanics

Choose from a range of loyalty mechanics to customize the rules of your  loyalty program

Open Loyalty provides a wide range of market-proven loyalty mechanics, such as loyalty currency (points), material rewards, tiers, coupons, achievements, referrals and much more.
Create diverse campaigns that can motivate different customer behaviors. From making purchases and referring friends to completing surveys and attending events, reward a variety of actions, tailoring your campaigns to your specific business goals and customer preferences.
Loyalty features

Add loyalty and gamification features to your products and services and drive results

Advanced triggers and targeting

Create highly targeted campaigns with custom triggers

Set up custom triggers based on any event, such as transactions, referrals, account behavior, birthday, completing an achievement, scanning product code, in-game actions, and more, including events from 3rd party systems.
Create highly targeted campaigns that respond to specific customer actions. Set up offers that motivate your customers to make more purchases, spend more, and return more frequently, boosting your sales and revenue.
Optimize performance of loyalty campaigns
analyze customers and detect patterns
Campaign analytics

Measure results and ROI of the campaigns to optimize them based on data

Track and report the performance of your campaigns in real-time. Measure which campaigns have the highest user engagement and calculate ROI and understand the effectiveness of your campaigns.
Gain valuable insights into customer preferences and habits. Make data-driven decisions to adjust campaign rules, ensuring your campaigns continue to drive customer loyalty, satisfaction and revenue growth.
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