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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you charge?
We charge based on the program’s active users, including a set minimum for programs with fewer than 10,000 Active Members.
How do you define “Active Member”?
The final definition is clarified during our agreement. The starting point is any user who interacted with the platform in the last 30 days.
What comes with Open Loyalty?
By choosing Open Loyalty, you receive full API access and Admin UI, no feature or usage limits, and regular new releases with industry-sanctioned features. We often provide additional assistance during onboarding and post go-live phases.
Do I get support?
Yes, all installations come with email support, though most questions are usually solved by our up-to-date documentation and API documentation. We are also happy to provide more granular and dedicated support for clients that prefer it.
What SLA do you provide?
We offer 24/7 issues monitoring, with tickets prioritized based on the severity of the case. P1 response time is under 30 minutes and resolution in under 2 hours. Guaranteed uptime is 99,9%.
I’m concerned about data compliance. Where is the data stored?
In simple words: the choice is yours, as we have easily available storage options compliant to Europe, APAC, and North America. In a regular SaaS installation, data is stored anonymously in safe AWS servers while following GDPR and CCPA compliance. As a ISO/IEC 27001 certified company, we follow redundant safety measures, such as always using at-rest and in-transit encryption, separate Kubernetes namespaces, and separate databases.
Can we use Open Loyalty for multiple projects/products?
Yes, you can use Open Loyalty for multiple projects. You would have a single installation with multiple tenants for each country/project/client, ensuring data is separate as needed. Additionally, we can optimize the deployment in multiple ways to balance ease of deployment, resource usage and data compliance.
Can I choose to run an on-premise version of Open Loyalty?
No. At the moment, we only offer cloud installations of Open Loyalty.
Is Open Loyalty open source?
No, Open Loyalty is Software as a Service (SaaS), as this is the model that serves our clients the best.

We used Open Loyalty pre-built modules, applied the loyalty mechanics via API to our tech stack and focused fully on the customer experience

Fritze von Berswordt
Fritze von Berswordt
Managing Director, EQUIVA

We loved what the API had to offer as we knew it was going to be a code integration, as well as some of the out-of-the-box features. We are extremely happy with the usability

Nicole Kusi
Nicole Kusi
Product Manager, United States Soccer Federation

The Open Loyalty customer loyalty program software allows us a lot of flexibility in building these dynamics and delivering a strong experience for our consumers

Thomas Archer Bata
Thomas Archer Bata
ALDO Group
Loyalty features

Add loyalty and gamification features to your products and services and drive results