API-first loyalty software

Open Loyalty is the loyalty engine for introducing powerful loyalty and gamification features, faster than developing them from scratch
Loyalty system for a custom loyalty program

Use trigger-condition-effect logic to translate events into effects and enrich other systems

Available mechanics

Engage customers with loyalty and gamification features designed by loyalty program experts

Future-proof loyalty platform

Extend your loyalty solution with ease
on top of future-proof components from the API-first loyalty program software

Campaign builder

Create and manage loyalty and gamification campaigns based on customizable triggers, conditions and effects

Custom events engine

Collect transactional and customer data, connect it with member profiles and create personalized loyalty program campaigns

Open API

Use 250+ endpoints to implement custom integration flows that will fit your existing system architecture and loyalty strategy
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Create dynamic and responsive applications by triggering actions in real time based on configurable webhooks
Explore available webhooks

S3 data export

Enrich other systems with loyalty and gamification data produced by Open Loyalty, provide full data synchronization
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See what our clients say about the Open Loyalty program software

We used Open Loyalty pre-built modules, applied the loyalty mechanics via API to our tech stack and focused fully on the customer experience

Fritze von Berswordt
Fritze von Berswordt
Managing Director, EQUIVA

We loved what the API had to offer as we knew it was going to be a code integration, as well as some of the out-of-the-box features. We are extremely happy with the usability

Nicole Kusi
Nicole Kusi
Product Manager, United States Soccer Federation

The Open Loyalty customer loyalty program software allows us a lot of flexibility in building these dynamics and delivering a strong experience for our consumers

Thomas Archer Bata
Thomas Archer Bata
ALDO Group
Example configuration of loyalty campaigns

Achieve your loyalty program KPIs with mechanics and campaigns adjusted to your goals

Customer acquisition

Get a reward when 5 referred friends make a purchase

Customer activation

Place 3 orders in the first week and receive a $10 coupon for the next order

Buyer frequency

Log in to the app daily for 7 straight days and spin the wheel to receive 50 points

Customer upsell

Get 2 stars when buying products A and B in a bundle

Customer engagement

Watch 45 minutes of videos in a week and receive a badge

Customer feedback

Post a service review and receive a 10% discount code
Enterprise-grade security

Highest security with ISO, GDPR compliance, and data on independent instances

ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications, along with GDPR compliance, ensures the highest level of quality and security.

To prevent unauthorized access or data leaks, your data is stored on an independent instance and in a separate database.
Market-proven toolkit for digital loyalty

Build on top of loyalty and gamification modules designed by market experts

Instead of developing loyalty program features from scratch, utilize Open Loyalty's loyalty and gamification features, which have been proven by over 50 clients across more than 15 industries. 

Every day, we collaborate with top market experts to extend our existing set with new capabilities, enabling you to use proven loyalty and gamification mechanics.
Illustration showing Open Loyalty logo integrating with other systems via API, webhooks, and AWS
Integration layer

Integrate fully with Open API, webhooks and AWS S3 data import

With Open Loyalty's integration layer, you can easily add loyalty blocks to platforms while having full ownership of your customer data.

Use loyalty program API and webhooks to send and receive member and transaction information in real-time. Bulk import and export data via CSV and XML files or with AWS S3 to fully synchronize the loyalty engine with other solutions in your stack.

Continuous upgrades

Constantly improve your efficiency with new features and improvements released almost every day

When you partner up with Open Loyalty, an entire team of loyalty and gamification experts starts working for you. There's no need to reinvent the wheel; from loyalty rewards to referral programs, we ensure that you are equipped with a complete set of features.

By adopting a versionless approach, we ensure you continuously receive new improvements and extensions to the loyalty engine.
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