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with ready-to-use features

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Our experience

Using Open Loyalty’s out of the box features, you can cover various loyalty strategies towards different segments of your clients

License types

Open Loyalty is available in open source or cloud editions

Earning rules 

Set rules for earning points and rewards base, on transaction or behavior of Members. eg. 1€ = 1 point, refer a friend, first purchase, registration. 
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Define Levels and Tiers with discounts and Rewards. 
Use Segments for an in-depth segmentation based on transactional and non-transactional data from off-line and on-line.

Levels and Segments

Add and manage Members registered in your loyalty application.  Collect data from off-line & on-line touchpoints and aggregate them with a single customer view.

Members management

Manage Rewards available in your loyalty application. Decide who and when can redeem a reward. Use different types of rewards like gifts, coupons, cashback, pay with points or special offers.

Rewards management

Customize your loyalty application's design and features thanks to an open source approach.
Change every piece of the solution or extend it with new personalized modules.

100% customizable code

Use Web Client Cockpit and Mobile Client Cockpit to create smooth omnichannel customer experience for all members. Try the latest Progressive Web App technology for the better mobile experience.

Web and mobile members portal

Connect Open Loyalty to eCommerce, ERP system, your custom mobile loyalty application or any external or internal system which you use.

API and integrations

Create your Mobile Loyalty Applications with Open Loyalty

Enterprise Edition

Great for enterprise and dedicated projects

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Full access to the source code

100% customizable in design and features

Easy to integrate via API

Keep data internally

Cloud Edition

Great for Proof of Concept

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Ready-to-use loyalty features at hand

Private or Public Cloud

Easy to set-up

Easy to integrate via API

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The solution

The next level Customer Loyalty Platform with ready-to-use features for on-line and off-line interactions with your audience

Admin Cockpit

Web & Mobile Client Cockpit

Flexible API and extensions

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