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Enterprise-ready voucher management software for creating personalized voucher campaigns on a massive scale at any touchpoint.
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Perform all the critical actions of the loyalty program manager

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Create personalized coupon-based campaigns

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Upload coupons from 3rd party systems via CSV or API

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Autogenerate coupons of any shape and structure

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Set custom coupon redemption rules

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Extend coupons with custom attributes, e.g. expiration date

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Distribute digital coupons in any channel via API or webhooks

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Prevent fraud by defining coupon limits

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Extend existing system coupon capabilities

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Voucher campaigns

Run personalized and targeted voucher campaigns

Create engaging and personalized promotional campaigns with digital vouchers. Using transactional and behavioral customer details, set campaign conditions and decide when, where and by whom your unique codes can be redeemed.
Choose between a selection of voucher redemption rules or allow users to redeem vouchers from the rewards catalog or in store.
Voucher generator

Generate custom vouchers or upload from existing systems

Quickly generate millions of unique vouchers of any size and with any of your chosen attributes, such as custom naming, digital voucher format and expiration date, and percentage discount. Customize voucher offers and features as needed, and prevent fraud by defining usage limits.
Introduce campaigns with autogenerated digital vouchers or upload discount codes from any of your existing third-party systems such as POS or e-Commerce systems. External vouchers can be easily uploaded from file or via the API.
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Voucher distribution

Send unique vouchers in any channel or share them with existing system

Open Loyalty’s multi-channel headless loyalty architecture means you can quickly share digital vouchers via any channel such as email, SMS, mobile apps or e-Commerce platforms.
Using the API or webhooks, you can create and send unique vouchers to existing systems and enrich them with white-label voucher management features. With existing and new clients with the option to seamlessly plug voucher software mechanics into any customer journey.
Voucher campaign ROI

Track digital voucher data, measure ROI and get customer insights

Monitor customer voucher use and redemption rates, test various campaigns and learn which ones get you the best ROI. Put the data to good use, by analyzing which types of voucher campaigns your existing customer segments respond to and let the insights inform your future promotions.
Take a deep dive into individual members’ voucher usage to help you build a powerful voucher marketing strategy, reducing your overall marketing costs and increasing sales. With Open Loyalty’s fully customizable voucher management software, you never have to guess your customers’ preferences to hike up conversion rates and earn customer loyalty.

With Open Loyalty’s fully customizable voucher management software, you never have to guess your customers’ preferences to hike up conversion rates and earn customer loyalty.
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Flexible voucher API

Choose between secure cloud servers and on-premise installation of your voucher management software

Follow the latest trends of the headless and API first architectures and extend your techstack with powerful voucher marketing features. Integrate quickly scalable voucher software with any 3rd party front-end and back-end application.
Decide if you need the solution on cloud or on premise within your own servers or contact us for best-in-class consultation from our customer success team.
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Loyalty features

Add loyalty and gamification features to your products and services and drive results

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