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Cloud-based loyalty

Cloud Loyalty Software with API-first architecture

Open Loyalty is an enterprise-ready SaaS loyalty platform augmented by headless technology. It has ready-to-use loyalty features, GDPR compliance, full scalability, and a robust modular API.

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Scalable infrastructure

Grow your sales with the Loyalty Cloud, without worrying about maintenance and updates

With our resilient and fast cloud infrastructure, you can focus on managing and extending the customer experience. There’s no need to maintain and update complex back-end technology. With a native-cloud approach, you can automatically sync, back up, and recover data anytime.

Thanks to cloud-based customer loyalty program solution our clients can focus on planning right  customer retention campaigns and designing beautiful customer experience
Customer loyalty programs based on cloud loyalty software have many benefits

Benefits of the cloud

What are the benefits of cloud-based loyalty?

Open Loyalty has been designed as a cloud-native, multi-tenancy platform from the very beginning.

  • Fast time to market with no worrying about maintenance, and availability of the loyalty system
  • The highest data security standards, including GDPR, data centers in different regions, and built-in security measures monitored 24/
  • Autoscaling prepared for traffic peaks like Black Friday or massive marketing campaigns
  • Continuous updates without the need for migration, so you can always work with the latest loyalty technology

Limitless integrations

No matter how big your tech stack is, a cloud-based loyalty platform is the fastest way to customer loyalty program

Our clients have different tech stacks with solutions such as: CRM, BI, customer data platforms, ERP systems, marketing automation systems, POS devices, commerce solutions, websites based on various CMSs, e-commerce platforms, social media channels, or mobile applications. Brands chose us because of the flexibility and limitless integrations given by our headless loyalty tech and API-driven approach.

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Your customers’ loyalty and customers’ experience if the loyalty program will become a part of your business
Your current and future technology can be easily integrated with customer loyalty program software in the cloud

Fast implementation

Ready to connect with your current and future software

No business can stand still due to the addition of new software and its integration with the existing technological stack. Our clients do not have such problems. They integrate quickly, regardless of the level of complexity and the number of systems, software and technology used.

Features that meet expectations

Use 50+ pre-built loyalty mechanics to engage customers and create customer loyalty programs

Open Loyalty provides out-of-the-box loyalty features such as loyalty points system, tiers management, rewards system, voucher management system or referral program software. With the pre-built loyalty blocks you can launch customer loyalty program of any shape and create a personalized user experience at any touchpoint. Gain valuable customer insights thanks to cloud loyalty ability to process big data.

Brands use Open Loyalty to create engaging loyalty programs in different touchpoints

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Details about our customers can be found in the case studies

Case study

ALDO implements a global loyalty program based on Open Loyalty

Fully omnichannel loyalty solution that went live in the US, UK, and Canada in 3 months.

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