Loyalty Program CRM

Get a 360° view of your customers. Keep track of all purchases across multiple channels. Integrate customer loyalty data from all sources - online and offline.
loyalty program CRM - list of members view with loyalty customer profile
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Use cases

Customer loyalty program with powerful CRM software on board

icon depicting customer lifecycle chart

Monitor the lifecycle of your loyalty program members

icon depicting offline data sources

Use online and offline data for member segmentation

icon depicting customer interactions

Track all customer interactions in your member base

icon depicting customer targeting

Target loyal customers based on purchase history or customer behavior

icon depicting loyalty program member

Get a 360° view of every member to streamline customer relationship management

icon representing 3rd party data exchange

Use data from 3rd party systems for loyalty program member profiling

icon representing omnichannel data connection in CRM

Connect omnichannel customer data using a single loyalty program ID

icon depicting customer segmentation on a chart

Create customer segments based on custom events and member attributes

loyalty program CRM customer profile with data
360° view of customers

Track all interactions of your loyalty program members and run personalized loyalty campaigns

Build loyalty with the all-in-one customer loyalty profile. Leverage the single view of the customer to combine online and offline data easily. Map all customer touch points in one loyalty CRM program for seamless segmentation.
Use mobile phone, email, loyalty card number, or any other identifier to connect data from multiple sources into one loyalty program and maintain a holistic overview of your loyalty program customer base.

Create dynamic macro and micro-segments in your customer loyalty programs

Increase customer loyalty with hyper-accurate segmentation. Segment loyalty program members based on their purchase history, profile attributes, or custom events that represent specific customer behavior.
Use static or dynamic segmentation in campaign targeting to offer personalized experiences, encourage repeat purchases and grow customer lifetime value.
member segmentation tool in open loyalty CRM functionality
omnichannel transaction data depicted in table
Omnichannel tracking

Utilize omnichannel data in increasing customer loyalty with our CRM software

Take the reins of driving sales - track purchases across all channels. Use customer engagement data from any point of sale, whether eCommerce or retail stores. Leverage accurate omnichannel data to better understand the customer lifetime value of your loyalty program.
Merge purchase operations of your loyal customers from multiple merchants and brands. Enrich your customer loyalty program with contextual behavioral data to drive customer retention regardless of the acquisition channel.
Customer data platform

Collect any kind of customer information - from zero-party to third-party data

Grow your customer loyalty program with valuable data stored in a unified customer experience platform. Collect information about purchase history, discounts, custom events, member attributes and more.
Import data from CRM platforms, marketing tools, business intelligence solutions and eCommerce software systems to supercharge your customer loyalty.
customer data from multiple sources stored in one CRM platform
customer loyalty data with insights about the number of members, number of transactions and average spending
Customer analytics

Analyze customer behavior to get actionable member insights

Leverage in-depth customer loyalty data. Enhance your customer relationship management with insights about the number of registered members, active members, transactions, average transaction value, total and average customer spending and lots more.
Analyze patterns in customer engagement and customer retention with our CRM software. Get a helicopter view of your loyal customers to measure the success of all your campaigns.
Loyalty features

Use flexible loyalty solution modules to build loyalty programs of any shape

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