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Loyalty Blocks

Loyalty Program CRM that helps you profile your customers

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360 view of customers

Track all interactions of your customers and run personalized loyalty campaigns

See one consistent loyalty profile with a single view of the customer. Match online and offline data easily. Use mobile phone, email, loyalty card number, or any other identifier to connect data from multiple sources.


Create dynamic macro and micro-segments in your CRM loyalty programs

Segment customers based on their purchase history, profile attributes, or custom events that represent specific behavior. Use static or dynamic segmentation in targeting your loyalty campaigns.

Omnichannel tracking

Use the true power of omnichannel data of your customers with our CRM loyalty solution

Track purchases across all the channels. Use data from all the sources - both eCommerce and retail stores. Merge purchase operations from one or multiple merchants or brands.

Loyalty blocks

Use elastic loyalty solution modules to introduce rich engagement mechanics