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U.S. Soccer launches a loyalty program to engage football fans

Here’s how the soccer federation worked with Open Loyalty to create a multi-tier, omnichannel loyalty solution that ensured fan engagement all year round.

Project summary

The United States Soccer Federation, an organization governing American soccer at the international, professional and amateur levels, sought to increase engagement among its fans at all times of the year. They approached this goal, by launching the Insiders Program, a unique loyalty program furnished with a wide range of custom features like a multi-tier framework making up a points and rewards system. Open Loyalty’s ability to satisfy a broad spectrum of use cases thanks to its first-rate API and ability to integrate the client’s preferred systems was what led to a fruitful collaboration.

Find out how USSF worked with Open Loyalty to create a loyalty engine that expanded and strengthened its fan base.

Key results

  • Highly customized and usable loyalty program offering high-quality virtual experiences to ensure fan engagement all year long
  • An omnichannel solution alongside world-class API and Open Loyalty Language loyalty building blocks
  • One of the first NGB (National Governing Body) loyalty programs to institute a points and rewards program available to all membership tiers (paid and otherwise)
  • 61,494,383 points issued since its launch in 2019
  • API and SSO integration supporting USSF’s unique use cases
The Insiders app where program members can view and redeem their points.
The Insiders app where program members can view and redeem their points. Source.


"We loved what the API had to offer as we knew it was going to be a code integration, as well as some of the out-of-the-box features. We are extremely happy with the usability of it [Open Loyalty]. We can onboard anyone onto the platform and they are able to self-learn and use the platform to the best of their ability. We also really enjoy the support that we get from the OL team."

Nicole Kusi
Product Manager at USSF‍

About U.S. Soccer

The United States Soccer Federation (USSF), also known as U.S. Soccer, is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Chicago and founded in 1913. The federation is a full FIFA member, a world leader in women’s soccer at all levels, and has been the governing body of soccer in all its forms in the U.S. for over 100 years. 

Throughout its years of existence, USSF’s mission statement has been clear and unwavering: “to make soccer the preeminent sport in the United States and to continue the development of soccer at all recreational and professional levels”.

The challenge

While USSF’s key role in U.S. soccer has remained uncontested since its inception and it has enjoyed a loyal community of supporters for just as long, the federation found itself struggling to maintain consistent levels of engagement all year round and in all corners of the country.

With its National Teams frequently on the move, many fans in some parts of the country often went a while without getting to see their favorite teams play. The seasonal gaps in the teams’ activity further compounded the problem of sustaining fans’ engagement, making app usage plummet.

As such, it’s fair to assume that the client missed out on considerable revenue, not least because people weren’t buying tickets to games, but also revenue coming from merchandise and such. This in turn made growing their platform and scaling their operations notably harder.

In order to combat this challenge and ensure customer retention and engagement all year round, USSF decided to go the loyalty program route, and ultimately approached the Open Loyalty team. This marked the beginning of USSF’s Insider Program and a very fruitful partnership for both sides.

The solution

Having decided on a set of criteria they needed their future loyalty program provider to meet, USSF began their search. The client knew that API would need to be part of the equation and also that SSO integration was a must in order to satisfy their required use cases. In fact, it was the fact that Open Loyalty had agreed to throw SSO integration into its offerings was what sealed the deal. 

Before that happened, however, USSF reviewed five other potential options; however, none were able to tick all the boxes. 

Once the decision was made, the Open Loyalty development and product teams worked tirelessly - in close communication with U.S. Soccer - to fulfil all requirements.

It was important for us to not only furnish the loyalty engine with all the features needed to support the use cases USSF had first needed, but also look to the future and ensure that the program allowed for significant customization, such as the addition of gamification, and scalability down the line.

"What makes the U.S. Soccer Insiders Program unique is that the program is available to all fans at a Standard (free) level. Fans can then choose to upgrade to a paid membership to increase their Insiders benefits."

Nicole Kusi
Product Manager at USSF
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