Advanced customer loyalty analytics

Track and improve performance of every part of your loyalty program with advanced loyalty marketing analytics
Customer loyalty analytics dashboard
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All the tools you need to analyze and understand your loyalty members

track loyalty engagement

Track program engagement to optimize loyalty campaigns

connect with 3rd party analytics

Connect with other business tools to streamline loyalty program analytics

report loyalty metrics

Report on key metrics to gain valuable program insights

detect customer behavior

Detect customer behavior patterns for targeted marketing campaigns

export loyalty data

Export data for comprehensive analysis and customized reporting

identify high value customers

Identify high-value customers for personalized rewards and offers

Loyalty program dashboard

Monitor loyalty program performance in real time

Stay informed in real-time with the loyalty marketer’s dashboard, designed to help you monitor the performance of your loyalty program. Keep track of key metrics over time, detect trends and anomalies, and gain valuable insights.
Quickly assess the loyalty program’s results and trends in the customer retention, usage of the loyalty currency. Understand the effectiveness of your coupons and the popularity of your rewards at a glance.
monitor loyalty program performance in real time
Configure and track active loyalty members
Active members

Configure and track the loyalty program's north star in real time

Take control of your loyalty program's success by configuring and tracking your program's north star metric. Set specific goals aligned with your business objectives, whether it's increasing customer engagement, or boosting repeat purchases.
With Open Loyalty, you can easily monitor the progress of your active members in real time. By keeping a close eye on their activities and behaviors, you can make data-driven adjustments and ensure that your loyalty program is on the right track to achieve its goals. 
Loyalty campaign analytics

Optimize the performance of your loyalty campaigns to maximize ROI

Unlock the full potential of your loyalty campaigns with our comprehensive analytics tools. Gain valuable insights into the campaign's performance, and make informed decisions to optimize their effectiveness.
Track how many customers engage into the campaigns to understand what promotion resonates with your audience. Fine-tune your campaigns for optimal results and maximize your return on investment. 
Optimize performance of loyalty campaigns
analyze customers and detect patterns
Customer analytics

Analyze your customer base and detect patterns with data

Gain insights into your customers’ preferences, shopping habits, and interactions with the loyalty program. Analyze demographic data, purchase history, and engagement patterns to effectively segment your customers and deliver personalized experiences.
Use customer analytics to refine your loyalty program strategies and create tailored marketing campaigns that resonate with their needs and preferences.

Use reports to explain the value behind the loyalty program

Showcase the value of your loyalty program with clear and compelling reports. Visualize the success of your program through a loyalty marketing dashboard that highlights key metrics and performance indicators.
Collect data-driven insights on customer acquisition, retention rates, and revenue generated. Use proven loyalty program metrics to explain the business impact of your loyalty program.
Prepare loyalty program reports
connect 3rd party analytics tools
3rd party analytics tools

Send loyalty program data to external analytics tools

Connect customer data and loyalty insights detected inside Open Loyalty with the data stored in other systems. Use Open Loyalty’s integration layer to integrate your preferred business intelligence (BI) or data visualization tools.
Use Open Loyalty’s API or predefined AWS S3 data integration to send your loyalty program data to any 3rd party solution. Unlock additional insights, gain a broader perspective, and make more informed decisions to drive the success of your loyalty program.
Loyalty features

Add loyalty and gamification features to your products and services and drive results

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