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Create reward catalogs and manage reward campaigns like material rewards, coupons, vouchers, and lots more with the best loyalty reward program software.
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Use cases

Implement a flexible rewards system with personalized customer rewards

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Create personalized reward catalogs

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Add and collect material rewards

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Develop campaigns with instant rewards

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Upload rewards from external vendors

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Target rewards for specific customers

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Manage reward fulfillment and stock

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Add and manage coupon rewards

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Add reward features to any system with API

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Customized rewards catalog

Introduce a personalized loyalty rewards catalog

Run a rewards program based on points and member benefits. Add custom rewards manually or upload ones of your choice from third-party vendors.
Define earning limits, expiration dates, and redemption rules for your reward management system. Configure a set of criteria such as varying reward costs or unlocking parts of the catalog depending on customer tier. Reward customers instantly or after they’ve met the campaign criteria.
Various types of rewards

Configure physical and digital loyalty rewards

Engage members with material and digital rewards of any kind. Determine physical items available for purchase using member points. Configure automatically generated codes coupon-based rewards or those uploaded externally from partner platforms.
Group rewards by category and type, and keep your customer loyalty software running smoothly.
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Rewards stock and fulfillment

Manage stock and fulfillment with sturdy reward systems

Manage reward fulfillment and stay on top of the status of claimed goods. With our loyalty software, you can rest assured that every member receives their due while your reward stock inventory is kept in check.
Control your reward availability with inventory management and upload more popular rewards as needed. Upload native rewards or external ones with zero hassle.
Integrate rewards catalog

Extend your existing solutions with the rewards program API

Add reward catalog functionalities to existing applications and systems using the straightforward API and headless approach.
Design a seamless reward redemption user experience tailored to your customer and boost your brand image. Introduce loyalty rewards of any type across all touchpoints.
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Loyalty features

Add loyalty and gamification features to your products and services and drive results

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