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Develop referral marketing programs of any size and shape with powerful referral software

Make customers your brand ambassadors and build a loyal community with scalable, API-first referral software.
Great brands build reward programs with Open Loyalty
Use cases

Perform all the critical actions of the loyalty program manager

Create various referral campaigns for different customer segments

Reward successful referrals with loyalty units, e.g. points

Reward referrer for referee’s transactions, e.g., the first transaction

Compensate successful referral with material rewards or coupons

Reward referrer for referee’s behavior, e.g. registration

Introduce gamified referral program based on milestones and challenges

Create two-sided referral rules for referrer and referee

Implement referral program in any channel, e.g. mobile or eCommerce

Achievements based on referrals

Enrich your referrals with robust gamification mechanics

Referrals are a powerful promotional tactic, helping businesses acquire customers more easily and cost effectively.
Referral are also inherently suited to the gamification process, which rewards customers for specific actions, albeit in a way that is more fun.
To combine the strengths of the two and enable loyalty program owners to scale up their referrals, our achievements feature is built to reward users for acting as brand ambassadors. Referrals have never been this fun!
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
Open Loyalty Campaign Language

Configure any kind of customer referral campaign with Open Loyalty referral campaign language

You can set multiple rules, conditions such as time, customer segment, event details, transaction details, details of the referrer or referee, etc
The referral campaigns can be triggered by the transactions, internally detected events such as registration, or any custom-defined event received from a 3rd party system. Define your ideal referral program strategy and use transactional and non-transactional rules.
Various types of segments

Create engaging referral programs for different segments of your customers

Thanks to the Open Loyalty Campaign Language, you can create and mix multiple highly personalized referral campaigns that will engage your customers.
Group referrals by category and type, and keep your customer loyalty software running smoothly.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
Automate referral programs

Referral process configuration examples

Two-sided referral campaign: Referrer gets a reward after a new member signs up, Referee gets extra points after joining from the recommendation.

“Earn when a referee buys sth” campaign: Referrer gets points every time the new member buys something.
Referral milestones campaign: Referrer gets reward A after inviting 3 members and reward B after referring 10 new customers in total.
Referral from any touchpoint

Add referral program features in eCommerce, POS, mobile application, or any other touchpoint

Thanks to the API-first approach, you can easily add referral program capabilities to any front-end application.
With our advanced Referral Program API, you will be able to easily connect the referral campaign system with any internal or external platform.
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Loyalty mechanics

Use flexible loyalty solution modules to build loyalty program of any shape

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