Case study

OttoPoint delivered a full-scale coalition loyalty program in just 2 months

OttoPoint is an Indonesian company that provides a suite of customer retention and engagement solutions which enables brands to quickly create and run successful customer loyalty programs.

About OttoPoint

OttoPoint is an Indonesian company that provides a suite of customer retention and engagement solutions which enables brands to quickly create and run successful customer loyalty programs. Company’s key products include a coalition loyalty program under the OttoPoint brand, a digital loyalty card program called OttoStamp, a rewards management and digital voucher solution by OttoGifts.

OttoPoint is part of the OttoDigital group, a fintech company that offers a range of investment and financial services: e-money, payment gateway, banking aggregation, financial management, cross-border remittance, loyalty solution, and supply chain management.

Key results

  • Open Loyalty used as a multi-tenant loyalty program module embedded into existing SaaS solution
  • Only 2 months needed to deliver a full-scale coalition loyalty platform
  • Full security and data ownership thanks to the on-premise installation of the new loyalty engine on top of the existing fintech infrastructure

The challenge: providing more value in the fintech solution by using loyalty program components

While working on growth strategy, OttoPoint’s team was looking for ways to differentiate Otto’s fintech products. They wanted to do this by providing a bigger value for the retailers who are using the company's solutions.

On the way, they started investigating the concept of introducing coalition loyalty program features. By doing this, the retailers could create a stronger bond with their customers by rewarding their regular and frequent transactions.

"We want to offer affordable loyalty solutions that help businesses to launch and run a successful customer loyalty program with ease. Most businesses in our target segment do not have the same resources and technology expertise as those in the middle-up tier segment, and not all of their customers are tech savvy. At the same time, we need to have a sustainable and profitable business that is also scalable. Therefore, finding the right technology tools that allow us to realize our vision and strategy is key."

Joris Satyadharma
SVP, Marketing & Product at OttoPoint

That’s how the idea of the OttoPoint coalition loyalty program was born. The company decided to enrich their fintech products with a new loyalty management solution that could provide retailers with a fast way to implement and run a customer loyalty program.

Just after this strategic decision was made, OttoPoint’s product team started designing and developing the solution. To make the whole process quicker, the engineers were looking for loyalty program building blocks that could be blended into existing SaaS platforms. The loyalty software needed to have coalition loyalty program capabilities, be white labeled, and offer the possibility of being installed on-premise on top of the internal infrastructure.

"We decided to choose Open Loyalty because it fit all our key requirements. We liked that it's customizable, scalable, and that we get full access to the source code. On the campaign configuration side, we appreciate the different types of programs we can create that can improve user engagement and keep them happy. We are also pleased with the fast and responsive customer service."

‍Joris Satyadharma
SVP, Marketing & Product at OttoPoint

The solution: API-first loyalty program building blocks used to extend the existing SaaS platform

The new loyalty solution was implemented quickly and smoothly.
From now on, retailers who join the coalition loyalty program, can quickly introduce a loyalty program that allows their customers to earn points for transactions, and redeem rewards provided by various partners. The majority of perks are digital vouchers from well known brands ranging from eCommerce, retail, food and beverage, and a number service-oriented businesses. All of this can be made within the retailer’s mobile app thus offering a seamless user experience without needing to download another app.

OttoPoint is a mobile-first coalition loyalty program based on a classic points and rewards loyalty scheme.
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