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Meet us at Loyalty Summit CXM in Zürich

Published on
March 6, 2023
Izabela Grochowska
Content Manager

We’re excited to announce that our co-founders,, Cezary Olejarczyk and Kacper Cebo, will soon be jetting off to Zurich to take part in a loyalty marketing conference, Loyalty Summit CXM.

Kicking off March 15th, Loyalty Summit CXM is a two-day event where loyalty professionals get together to share their insights and expertise. The conference will feature presentations, workshops, panels, and keynote speeches from leading loyalty experts such as:

  • David Slavick - Co-Founder and Partner at Ascendent Loyalty 
  • Charlie Hills - Managing Director and Head of Strategy at Mando-Connect 
  • Iain Pringle - Former Head of Strategy at Avios
  • Mike Atkin - Conference Co-Chair and Retail Loyalty Professional

… among many other loyalty marketing professionals.

The focus of the conference revolves around different spend categories such as retail, fashion, hotels, airlines, and QSR, in the context of the increasingly saturated and thriving loyalty ecosystem. Meanwhile, some of the topics covered over the two days include:

  • What can loyalty learn from customer experience?
  • Loyalty coalitions
  • Loyalty partnerships
  • Building profitable customer lifetime relationships through zero party data

…and many, many more.

Apart from panel conversations, workshops and keynotes, the organizers, Frequent Traveler Events, LLC, are also setting time aside for good ol’ networking, offering a unique opportunity for brands and suppliers to mingle and compare notes. Our co-founders, Cezary Olejarczyk and Kacper Cebo, will be there to get to know other bright minds in the loyalty industry. Find them on LinkedIn if you’d like to have a chat over a cup of coffee. 

For a full conference agenda, click here.