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OSP partners with Open Loyalty to offer API-first loyalty technology into the DACH market

Published on
April 13, 2023
Izabela Grochowska
Content Manager

OSP is part of the Otto Group, one of the world’s largest e-commerce organizations operating in over 20 countries. With its parent company’s backing, OSP has grown from a designated in-house department to a major tech player and a go-to IT-solutions provider in the DACH market.

Having crossed paths through joint work on one of Otto Group clients’ loyalty program solution, OSP soon partnered with Open Loyalty permanently with the aim of jointly offering API-first loyalty technology to leading companies in the DACH market. The partnership has since fulfilled its aim, generating business opportunities and driving innovation in the region.

"Having a loyal and engaged customer base is crucial for the success of any retail or e-commerce business. By partnering with Open Loyalty, we expand our offerings with a flexible and reliable loyalty software for brands to create meaningful and lasting relationships with their customers, ultimately driving long-term growth and profitability."

Deniz Dogan

Account Manager Digital Commerce, OSP
“As we continue delivering the best loyalty solution for enterprise clients, we are often presented with various integration challenges. To maintain the high quality of service, we only ever enlist the help of top-tier system integration partners. OSP is exactly that; their immense expertise implementing complex commerce systems and a modern composable approach make them the perfect partner, and a company we truly love working with.”

Cezary Olejarczyk

CEO, Open Loyalty

About OSP

OSP (Otto Group Solution Provider) is a well-established IT company specializing in developing retail and logistics software solutions. They're part of the Otto Group and have been in the game since 1991, with a team of 450 employees in different locations worldwide, including Germany, Spain and Taiwan.

In a world full of tech innovators, OSP stands out from the crowd through their vast technological expertise and pioneering spirit, as evidenced by their portfolio of clients. From CP All and IONIQ Skincare to OTTO, Hermes Fulfilment and Northmall, OSP has cemented its reputation as a tech provider of choice for brands inside and outside the Otto Group.

OSP’s scope of expertise extends far and wide, encompassing e-commerce and mobile commerce solutions, omnichannel systems, logistics & warehouse management as well as comprehensive IT consulting and business intelligence for retail and logistics.

Partnership with Open Loyalty

The start of our relationship-turned-partnership with OSP dates back to a project commissioned by one of the Otto Group’s clients. The client in question had decided to incorporate a loyalty program into its offerings, and entrusted its creation to OSP.

Faced by the infamous build vs. buy dilemma, OSP crossed paths with Open Loyalty. Our technological MO and firm belief in combining the two options using the API-first and composable architecture approach also appealed to OSP. Driven by a spirit of innovation and an openness to modern solutions, OSP successfully drew on Open Loyalty’s area of expertise in completing the aforementioned project. However, given how well our distinct specializations and competencies complemented each other, our relationship soon became an official partnership. By partnering with Open Loyalty, OSP gained access to extensive and flexible loyalty software, allowing them to develop a more modern and efficient loyalty program approach that resonates with customers, and ensures profitability for their clients.

In turn, Open Loyalty can rely on a world-class system integrator that shares and understands its unique approach to building loyalty systems and boasts an exceptional breadth of commerce experience. As a result, Open Loyalty is equally well-positioned to deliver the best possible product and experience to our customers.

Overall, the partnership between Open Loyalty and OSP is undoubtedly a win-win. By combining their strengths, both organizations can create effective loyalty solutions that are applicable to enterprise e-commerce projects. The partnership has already led to successful implementations and plenty more loyal customers for both parties.