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Project summary

Asia Commercial Bank has decided to introduce a new omnichannel loyalty program to strengthen the bond with their customers.

Here’s how the bank used Open Loyalty technology to implement a dedicated loyalty application to drive engagement and improve overall customer experience. Open Loyalty was customized and integrated by ITC Group - software development company from Vietnam.

Key results

  • Full omnichannel experience - the loyalty program is available through a dedicated web portal and native iOS/Android mobile applications
  • High performance - the loyalty program handles over 60000 transactions and 800000 customers daily
  • Fast implementation from a scoping session to the go-live phase in just 3 months

The challenge - Selecting a customizable and scalable loyalty technology

The banking industry is one of the most competitive of all. To acquire new customers and keep existing ones, companies in the financial industry need to provide not only high-quality services but also attractive user experience. As one of the most recognizable banks in Asia, our client knows that well. The company wanted to engage with existing customers and attract new ones with something more than just their standard offer. That’s how the idea of a new omnichannel loyalty program was born.

"The goal was to engage customers with an application that helps them improve their quality of living by accessing exclusive incentives in all areas of shopping, beauty, cuisine, and tourism."

Terry Pham
Head of Delivery, ITC Group

From a technological perspective, the challenge was in choosing a loyalty solution that would be flexible in terms of customizations, could handle security requirements and a massive volume of data streamed in real-time. It was crucial to implement a future-proof solution that could take care of big data analysis.

The solution - Functional loyalty application upon Open Loyalty technology

To meet all business and technical requirements, ITC Group has decided to use the Enterprise Edition of Open Loyalty and customize it to deliver a fully dedicated and integrated loyalty application.

"Both the ITC and the bank teams worked closely to deliver functional loyalty solution as soon as possible. The implementation was quick, the whole project took three months. During the process of development, with Agile/Scrum project management, ITC developed all the necessary business features on the top of Open Loyalty. The whole system was also integrated with other third parties."

Terry Pham
Head of Delivery, ITC Group

Top characteristics of bank's loyalty program

Within the upcoming loyalty application, customers can easily find attractive deals prepared by the bank and a wide network of commercial partners. The new loyalty program extended the existing basic loyalty scheme so customers could get more value.

The new program is based on tiers, earning points and redeeming rewards. Tiers depend on the type of credit/payment card owned by the customer. Members can receive various rewards from categories like beauty, entertainment, hotel, education, and travel.

Customers can access the program through a web portal and mobile iOS/Android applications. Registration can be performed with an existing social media account. For higher user engagement there's a special feature that allows a user to select and track their favorite brands so he won’t miss out on any good deals.

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