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Yoyo partners with Open Loyalty to deliver an enterprise-scale banking loyalty program

Yoyo operates in twelve countries with a team of over 180 people, covers 200,000 retail lines, and reaches 5 million + users.

About Yoyo

Yoyo operates in twelve countries with a team of over 180 people, covers 200,000 retail lines, and reaches 5 million + users. Its extended portfolio of SaaS products consists of solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of companies of all scales:

  • Yoyo Pro enables enterprises to set up a branded payment, loyalty, ordering, and reward app.
  • Yoyo Go offers a quick-to-setup app for SMBs that links loyalty with bank card payment in one single transaction.
  • Yoyo API unlocks an extensive retail network of 15,000+ stores to allow companies to customize rewards and incentivize their customers for predetermined behaviors.
  • Last but certainly not least, Yoyo Wallet is a mobile application that combines mobile payment features and loyalty program mechanics.

All of the above enable businesses of all sizes and industries to enhance loyalty, boost engagement and grow their target base. This is proven by a 75% increase in first-time visitors, 26% increase in average basket size, and 250 million+ issued rewards. Among their clients that trusted Yoyo’s vision, there are household names such as Caff​​è Nero, Paul, Burger King, KFC, Dunkin’ Donuts, Vodacom, and Krispy Kreme.

An example implementation of the Yoyo solution.

Project summary

Yoyo and Open Loyalty decided to join forces to provide an on-premise loyalty solution for one of the biggest banks in Africa. While working on the project, Yoyo needed to extend its existing rewards module inside its default SaaS solution by adding more advanced capabilities for voucher management.

They needed to make the whole process more efficient. Instead of developing new features on its own, the company decided to find a white-label loyalty solution that would seamlessly integrate with its system and deploy it on-premise. Thanks to its flexible API-first architecture, Open Loyalty turned out to be the solution that was able to successfully tackle the challenge.

Key results

  • Yoyo was enriched with an extended voucher management module delivered as a white-label solution.
  • Secure and fast on-premise implementation of new components of the loyalty program on the bank’s internal infrastructure.
  • Time and cost-effective development process based on the market-proof Open Loyalty platform. The usage of field-tested voucher solutions instead of building the new features from scratch saved a significant amount of developers’ working hours.

Challenge: enriching the existing loyalty system and implementing it following the high standards of the finance industry

Today, when customers switch from one brand to another in the blink of an eye, to make them stay is quite an art. However, Yoyo, without a doubt, mastered it. The company knows how to attract, retain, engage, and grow the customer base. That’s true whether it deals with a global food chain, financial institution, or telecommunication company. In other words, it’s not just a hollow marketing claim.

Many global brands use Yoyo to offer mobile payment and loyalty applications to increase customer engagement. Why was Yoyo looking for a partner, then? While working with one of the biggest banks in Africa, Yoyo needed to extend the bank’s loyalty program with advanced voucher management. The company also faced the challenge of precise security requirements that regulate the way data has to be protected in the finance industry.

“We needed a voucher module to enhance customer engagement and enrich the user experience in the bank's native application. At first, we were planning to build it in-house, but fortunately, we decided to do market research before we got swamped. It didn't take long for our architectural team to find out Open Loyalty has all the necessary capabilities, namely content management, and third-party voucher vaulting.

From that point, it was a no-brainer that going further with Open Loyalty is a much more time and cost-effective choice.”

Mark Penwarden
Product Owner at Yoyo

The bank required an on-premise deployment. Yoyo smoothly implemented its own marketing solution on the client's infrastructure but wanted to enrich it with an additional feature, a voucher management system, in the quickest way possible. Of course, it could have been made from scratch, and initially, Yoyo considered following this path. However, after investigating voucher management features of Open Loyalty, examining the potential of its reward module, and testing the API, their tech team concluded that it was better to buy than to build.

Solution: an API-first and white-labeled voucher module installed locally on the bank’s infrastructure

Yoyo decided the smartest way was to find a partner with the desired features that offered it as a white-label solution. They also needed it to seamlessly integrate it with their stack.

Open Loyalty, a loyalty engine based on headless architecture, turned out to be the solution that checked all the boxes:

  • Its API-first approach made it quick and easy to connect with currently used systems, including Yoyo, and internal banking platforms without interfering with their integrity.
  • It came as a white-label solution, and as such, it could be seamlessly added to the existing Yoyo product stack as another feature.
  • It offered the on-premise model and could be installed on the internal infrastructure.
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