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Banking and finance

Create loyalty programs that will motivate your customers to use your banking and financial services, pay on time and try new offerings.


Introduce loyalty programs to smart cars, smart bikes and any kind of new generation transportation systems. Stay connected with customers and engage with them on a daily basis. Create rewarding experiences for drivers and passengers.


Trigger your customers with dynamic offers and rewards that adapt to specific customer behaviour. Create incentives for your customers to buy more and more often.


Build a true bond with your end-customers, no matter where they purchase your brand’s products. Build a loyalty program that gives you a direct connection with everyone who loves your products.


Extend your gaming application with loyalty capabilities to make it even more sticky. Use Open Loyalty’s advanced loyalty engine to run conditional campaigns.


Implement a loyalty program that will reward your patients for taking care of their health. Use proven loyalty mechanics for changing peoples' lives for better.

Restaurants and food

Introduce engaging loyalty programs to keep customers coming back to your restaurant or venue. Trigger campaigns to make them visit you more often, order more products and try new menus.

Hotels and airlines

Create loyalty programs for airlines and/or hotel chains. Run loyalty campaigns that will increase customers’ purchase frequency and average booking value.

Fuel retail

Create a loyalty program for your petrol station and win customers over your competitors. Design loyalty schemes that will differentiate your fuel business, improve frequency and encourage customers to buy non-fuel products and services.