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Top 100 Best Loyalty Programs benchmark report

Learn and inspire from loyalty programs from 100 leading brands on the market. See loyalty strategies and mechanics that work in various industries.

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What's inside?

In the report you will find inspirations from the top 100 loyalty programs from 14 industries, loyalty insights, interviews with loyalty managers and the best loyalty trends.  We create the report to inspire  you to create and execute the effective loyalty strategy at your business.

We investigated 5 key components of every loyalty program:

  • General loyalty program information;
  • Customer experience;
  • Main loyalty mechanics used in the program;
  • Earning rules - activities that are rewarded;
  • Rewards and benefits.

Why we created the report?

Successful loyalty programs have been based on a clear view of what loyalty means and how it can be directed to increase customer goodwill. We all know that selling to existing customers is several times cheaper than acquiring new ones, and when it comes to business success, loyalty is the difference maker. That’s why loyalty programs are such a hot topic nowadays.

The idea behind it is much more than a remark, it is the foundation by which companies develop successful businesses and exceptional customer experience. Companies compete with one another in a variety of creative ways to come up with ideas on how to shape loyalty programs - many of them use points that can be redeemed for different prizes, some of them establish tiers or segments to encourage more purchases, and yet some of them partner with other companies to deliver all-inclusive offers.

Loyal customers are more likely to buy products and services again and again from the same brand or store than new customers because loyal customers already have a relationship with a specific brand. They trust it more than a new customer would. However, the best programs are not only about rewards. They are about the whole experience that the company delivers to its clients.

Being a startup or a mature organization, customer loyalty should be one of the highest priorities. From fashion to travel, sport or automotive, almost every company from all the industries needs to convince customers to keep coming back.

How did we prepare the report?

In this report, you will find 100 of the best loyalty programs in one place. We analyze and present loyalty strategies used by the top companies from industries like Fashion, Beauty, Travel or Entertainment, as well as the real practices their teams are using to develop and grow the customer loyalty. Programs that seek to create active relationships with customers in which value is given in more ways than just price discounting, and that builds a bond between retailer and customer that extends beyond the immediate shopping experience. All the programs included in the report were selected based on our own experience and thousands of top loyalty program listings that you can easily find on the internet.