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2023 Q4 Open Loyalty product update

Published on
December 28, 2023
Carlos Oliveira
Product Marketing Manager

Throughout Q4, the Open Loyalty team has rolled out essential updates and advancements to our platform, aimed at empowering our partners to elevate their loyalty program.

Here are the latest enhancements:

  • Reward customers for scanning codes on physical products
  • Engage customers with follow-up campaigns unlocked one after another
  • Speed up campaign creation with variables grouped into catalogs
  • Create gamified achievements with time constraints 
  • Introduce advanced challenges, milestones faster with new achievement configurator
  • Use advanced campaign targeting to manage campaign visibility
  • Explore data in your loyalty program easier with column configuration and in-table search
  • Build advanced loyalty campaigns with easy-to-browse library of conditions

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Reward customers for scanning codes on physical products 

Generate unique codes that trigger specific campaigns once scanned by loyalty members. 

This feature allows scanning capabilities in both iOS and Android apps. Use code scanning for scan-and-earn campaigns and more.

Real-life use cases:

  • Enable customers to scan product codes to unlock benefits, similar to the excitement generated by the Pampers Rewards loyalty program. Create a business logic where members discover secret codes within product packaging;
  • Reward purchases of your product across various stores without the need for integration. Customers can simply scan receipts from different stores, and the system automatically identifies purchased brand items;
  • ‍Skip POS integrations and easily introduce coalition loyalty programs. This feature saves time and resources by fostering effortless partnerships without the need for intricate integrations, streamlining collaboration between entities.

Engage customers with follow-up campaigns unlocked one after another

Use conditional logic to manage the flow of campaign sequences, facilitating the creation of interconnected chains and funnels for member engagement and nurturing.

With this functionality, users can now design sequences that guide and interact with their members, fostering deeper engagement and loyalty.

Real-life use cases for follow-up campaigns

  • Tier Progression: As customers move through different tiers in a loyalty program, chained campaigns can acknowledge their progress and incentivize further engagement. For example, reaching a new tier could trigger a personalized thank-you message along with exclusive offers or early access to sales. Subsequent campaigns might encourage actions that help maintain or elevate their tier status.
  • Birthday Campaigns: A chained campaign sequence can celebrate a member's birthday. It might begin with a birthday greeting and a small gift, followed by a series of timed offers or discounts leading up to and following their special day.
  • Referral Program: When a customer successfully refers someone to the program, a chain of campaigns can reward both the referrer and the new member. The initial campaign could acknowledge the referral, followed by exclusive rewards for both parties as they continue to engage.

Speed up campaign creation with variables grouped into catalogs

Group values and incorporate numerous campaign conditions at ease with Open Loyalty. 

This update offers flexibility by allowing these groups to serve both as conditions and effects within campaigns. Configure campaigns based on extensive lists such as hundreds or even thousands of cities, SKUs, partners, and more, depending on your needs.

To facilitate this process, users can import values using CSV files or synchronize databases via API, streamlining the integration of extensive datasets for campaign configuration.

Real-life use cases for variables catalog

  • Reward customers who've purchased products from a selection of 300 SKUs;
  • Create expansive campaigns encompassing 50 cities, simplifying the comparison of regional outcomes;
  • Allocate different amount of points based on specific partners involved in a purchase among a pool of 100 partners.

Create gamified achievements with time constraints 

Reward customers based on their completion of challenges within a defined timeframe. 

These powerful loyalty gamification features allow businesses to engage customers further by setting up specific business logics that incentivize various actions.

Real-life use cases for timed achievements

  • Login 20 times in the last 30 days and earn extra 100 points;
  • Purchase 3 times in the last 14 days and get a 10% off coupon;
  • Add 2 product reviews in the last 90 days and get a special gift.

Introduce advanced challenges, milestones faster with new achievement configurator

With loyalty achievements, enjoy greater control over user behaviors. Enable the triggering of actions that not only bolster engagement but also align with specific business objectives, ultimately driving favorable outcomes.

Real-life use cases for powerful achievements

  • Add multiple transactional conditions in an achievement, e.g., at least 4 referred friends must purchase for two consecutive weeks;
  • Create achievements based on both transactional and behavioral conditions, e.g., write 5 product reviews over a year, and spend a minimum of $1,000;
  • Base an achievement on behavioral conditions only, e.g., refer 4 new members, and share 5 social media posts.
Creating achievement with multiple conditions

Use advanced campaign targeting to manage campaign visibility

Show or hide campaigns from certain user groups based on specific criteria and timing.

This feature allows for strategic campaign deployment tailored to different customer segments or loyalty tiers, enhancing engagement and fostering progression paths within loyalty programs.

Real-life use cases hiding and revealing campaigns

  • Tier-Based Visibility: Show exclusive campaigns to customers who achieve a certain tier. For instance, offer a special discount or bonus points only to those who reach the top tier, encouraging others to strive for higher status;
  • Segment-Specific Offers: Hide certain campaigns from existing VIP customers but display them to newer members or those in lower tiers. This approach maintains exclusivity for higher-tier members while motivating others to climb the loyalty ladder to unlock these special campaigns;
  • Activity-Driven Campaigns: Show campaigns to customers based on their recent activities. For example, after a customer completes a certain number of purchases or engages with the brand through reviews or social media, reveal a campaign tailored to reward this specific activity.

Learn more about creating and managing campaigns in Open Loyalty.


Explore data in your loyalty program easier with column configuration and in-table search

When managing campaigns in Open Loyalty, users now enjoy live search and a column toggle, allowing them to quickly compare and find any information.

For example, writing "Free" or "Birthday" will show only the relevant campaigns.

And to have a quick check on which campaigns are currently active and when they were created, it’s possible to show only the columns "Active" and "Created on."

Additionally, it’s easy to roll back changes, as the system remembers your preference during following accesses.


Build advanced loyalty campaigns with easy-to-browse library of conditions

This quarter, creating campaigns became even easier. 

Now, when selecting one of the dozens conditions available in Open Loyalty, these are organized into groups for convenience.

The three groups are:

  • Popular conditions: The conditions your team has been using the most;
  • Member details: Name, email, city, country, and all other member data;
  • Trigger-based conditions: Total spending, transaction date, and more.

A handy search bar is also present, encompassing all categories.


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