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Open Loyalty contributes to Mando-Connect’s “Understanding Loyalty in Europe” Whitepaper

Published on
March 16, 2023
Izabela Grochowska
Content Manager

Mando-Connect’s whitepapers, done in partnership with YouGov, are very well-known to the loyalty community. From ‘What the British want from loyalty programmes’ to ‘What the British want from promotions’, there is no denying the two know a thing or two about creating content that quickly reverberates through the marketing community, offering unique insights and inspiration for loyalty marketing endeavors. 

The whitepaper features experts who describe some of the most successful loyalty programs, in addition to showing how the programs’ success varies from country to country.

This time, once again, Mando-Connect and YouGov have decided to cast their net a bit further, and look into loyalty programmes in 24 European markets with their ‘Understanding Loyalty in Europe’.

Charlie Hills from Mando-Connect has come out with a fantastic initiative in creating this whitepaper. It was a pleasure to join forces with top EU loyalty experts. Highly recommend this whitepaper for everyone with a keen interest in the loyalty industry, or seeking inspiration to apply in their work!

Karl Bzik
CPO, Co-founder of Open Loyalty

The whitepaper starts out, by looking at loyalty program membership in the 24 countries. As we can see from the graph below, though the numbers vary, loyalty program membership has become a staple of everyday life across both European Union and the UK.

A graph demonstrating loyalty program membership statistics across 24 EU countries (source: Mando-Connect)
A graph demonstrating loyalty program membership statistics across 24 EU countries (source: Mando-Connect)

The whitepaper also dives in into the appeal of loyalty programs across these 24 nations. What is it that keeps people engaged? Without giving too much away, the differences in opinion seen between the different EU states regarding questions such as “should every brand offer a loyalty program?”, for example, are nothing short of fascinating. 

We are also extremely proud to have been selected alongside other impressive loyalty experts such as Cristina Ziliani, Léon Huyben, Nicole Wilhelm, Radek Hrachovec, and Zsuzsa Kecsmar.

To download the full report, check out Mando-Connect’s website.