API-first loyalty engine recognized by Deloitte & Google as a CE Tech Rocketship


Mix our loyalty blocks and build anything your business needs

With flexible loyalty blocks you can build any kind of loyalty solution, from omnichannel loyalty programs, mobile loyalty applications to engaging IoT solutions or extend existing products with the loyalty features.

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Omnichannel retail

Create personalized loyalty programs with smooth customer experience at every retail touchpoint.

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Introduce complex loyalty engines to two- or three-side marketplaces. Engage all actors of the market with one, consistent loyalty program.

Mobile applications

Introduce mobile-first loyalty applications for engaging with your customers. Connect your native iOS/Android applications and Progressive Web Application. With the headless approach you can create the best customer experience without losing the agility for the future changes.

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SaaS enrichment

Extend your existing SaaS product with loyalty program capabilities. Create a new product using our headless, API-first platform or incorporate Open Loyalty as a module of your system.

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Wearable and IoT

Experiment with new applications for your loyalty program. Inject loyalty program logic into things and clothes. Engage with customers in their daily lives, beyond the shopping cart.

Payment loyalty

Add loyalty program components to your payment logic. Use tiers, points and rewards to boost your payment processing. Change the payment process into a rewarding experience.

Social engagement

Reward your customers for any kind of social interaction. Connect your loyalty program to the existing social media networks. Trigger your clients to share and comment on the content that helps you sell.


Make your loyalty program a part of conversational marketing strategy. Connect Open Loyalty with your chatbot and let it engage clients with loyalty triggers like points or rewards.

AR and VR

Enrich a new generation of user experience with proven loyalty mechanics. Embed loyalty program into artificial or virtual reality applications.

White-label loyalty

Use our headless, API-first loyalty framework to build a white-label loyalty program application.

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Sales incentives

Create engaging sales incentives programs. Motivate your salespeople to deliver quotas and focus on things and services that are the most beneficial for the company.

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