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Open Loyalty's powerful gamification features can be added to mobile loyalty program applications in iOS and Android.
Mobile loyalty software
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Powerful features to connect with your loyalty members anywhere

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Member registration and login

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Loyalty campaigns and offers

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Rewards catalogue

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OCR for scanning receipts and coupons

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Coupons and vouchers

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Full transaction history

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Member profile management

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Scan and pay

Fast time-to-market

Implement a mobile loyalty app fast with prebuilt Flutter framework

Choose unique loyalty mobile app features and customizations over basic functionalities. The Open Loyalty mobile loyalty software does not require significant initial investment. Our prebuilt framework reduces development costs and time, allowing you to allocate resources toward loyalty marketing and promotional activities that matter.
The scalability potential of our software means you can rest assured your business will grow unimpeded.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Use Open Loyalty's features to create a powerful loyalty app

Add loyalty features to your mobile loyalty app to strengthen brand loyalty and maintain a consistent experience across all platforms.
Take it a step further and tailor the loyalty mobile app to your customers’ preferences by optimizing the user interface and navigation.
Fast implementation

Skip POS integrations thanks to OCR receipt scanning

Give your customers a seamless, hassle-free user experience by reducing the time and effort needed to scan recipes and earn loyalty points.
With Open Loyalty's feature, the mobile loyalty software can check if the correct product was scanned, minimizing errors and improving the functioning of your loyalty programs. The scan recognizes products even in challenging environments such as low-light situations.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
Partner case study

Company saves EUR 68.000 with loyalty mobile app

In 2023, EQUIVA initiated its digital transformation, swapping a paper-based loyalty card for a mobile app designed to foster emotional connections and engage members more effectively.
The team introduced a multi-faceted loyalty program featuring achievement-oriented and transaction-based campaigns, along with tiered benefits. Simultaneously, they seamlessly integrated loyalty mechanisms into the current tech infrastructure –incorporating point-of-sale systems, customer data platforms, newsletters, e-commerce platforms, and the mobile app.
In only five months the team achieved 23% higher average transaction value and 42% higher average number of transactions.

Read the full EQUIVA mobile loyalty case study.
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