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Divante partnered with Open Loyalty and created a successful source of new projects

Published on
February 8, 2023
Weronika Masternak
Content Writer

Whenever a more complex project lands on our doorstep, we engage experienced systems integrators with whom we can partner to deliver tailor-made loyalty solutions. Divante is one of examples of such a partner, specializing in providing technology solutions, including loyalty programs for large retail brands.

This article will show what it's like to work with Divante and create dedicated loyalty applications based on the latest trends. We'll also reveal how Divante, by becoming our partner, has built a brand-new business line that generates stable revenue and brings droves of new customers to the company.

Below, you'll find the areas we'll cover in this article:

  • Divante and its services
  • What benefits does Divante derive from its partnership with Open Loyalty?
  • Two examples of successful Open Loyalty projects implemented by Divante
  • How does Open Loyalty fit into Divante's plan to become a significant player in the market?
  • What is the modern approach to implementing eCommerce with a loyalty program?

Key results

  1. Divante has formed a strategic partnership with Open Loyalty, becoming the leading Open Loyalty implementation partner located in Central Europe.
  2. The partnership with Open Loyalty has allowed Divante to build a new revenue stream, as part of which the company sells integration and customization services for the Open Loyalty system. The company is also able to resell other services from its portfolio.
  3. Open Loyalty-based projects generate noticeable and recurring revenue for Divante. 
  4. As a result of the solid partnership with Open Loyalty, more and more customers are contacting Divante directly and inquiring about the possibility of implementing a loyalty solution based on Open Loyalty.
  5. Divante is constantly generating new business leads from corporate clients worldwide.

About Divante

Divante eCommerce Technology Company is a global solutions, experimentation, and thought leader. Our team of 350+ experts empowers eCommerce for both the B2B and B2C segments, working with companies like Bosch, Axel Johnson International, and SAP. We create rapid, high-functioning MVPs and integrate technologies that will be the trends of tomorrow. 

As a digital pioneer and strategic partner, we bring developers, product designers, analysts, project managers, and testers together to empower eCommerce from every angle. That means building in enterprise & open-source software ecosystems and customized software solutions, as well as offering innovative solutions and support for systems like PIM, DAM and other.

In 2021, Divante - a global eCommerce solutions provider - joined forces with Cloudflight and enhanced Cloudflight's portfolio of expertise.

Divante is the parent company of Open Loyalty, nevertheless, as Open Loyalty, we operate separately, and we now treat Divante as one of our many partners.

Services provided by Divante 

Divante has vast experience in developing dedicated loyalty program systems combined with eCommerce. A few examples of clients for whom Divante has implemented eCommerce-focused loyalty solutions include ING Bank, Intersport, and Smyk

Their expertise covers technical aspects of web and mobile applications, including UX design, system architecture, front-end/back-end development, and integration of various API-first systems. All this is done to create the best customer experience, considering rapid time-to-market and future-proof technology. 

Divante is well-equipped to handle any project regardless of its stage and size, defining the main challenge or going straight to creating a dedicated solution. Their range of services is broad, but the focus is entirely on delivering comprehensive eCommerce projects. Divante proudly promotes these services as the core of their business:

  1. eCommerce development. Divante's approach uses state-of-the-art technology and MACH (Microservice, API-first, Cloud, Headless) architecture to create a successful online store, which is essential to having a reliable, secure, and efficient platform.
  2. PWA development. Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) offer an exceptional experience for users accessing websites on mobile devices. Divante can help alleviate the difficulty of shopping on smaller screens.
  3. Custom development. Suppose a client's company operates in a unique way and off-the-shelf solutions aren't up to the task. If that's the case, Divante is here to create custom software that enhances and leverages strengths and differentiators.
Divante's scope of services.
Divante's scope of services.

In summary, Divante focuses on providing best-in-class loyalty technology, and in addition to customizing, configuring, and maintaining loyalty applications, the company can assist in designing API-based system architecture and developing front-end applications or mockups for the loyalty program user experiences.

Below is an example concept of a loyalty program wallet prepared for Emirates Airlines.

What benefits does Divante derive from its partnership with Open Loyalty?

For Divante, the main advantage of being Open Loyalty’s partner is the opportunity to work together on the most extensive and interesting loyalty program applications out there. We support the formation of a go-to-market strategy, provide the necessary technology, and let our partners understand the loyalty industry and the needs of potential clients in this area.

This type of technology cooperation is where we jointly lead the process of implementing a solution and share responsibility, so:

  • Divante acts here as a system integrator responsible for all customizations, integrations, and implementations. They're in charge of "plugging" loyalty into the client's organization and systems.
  • Open Loyalty brings in many specialists with know-how in building loyalty mechanisms and logic.

Divante and Open Loyalty brands complement each other superbly. The combination of our services and the promise of a comprehensive approach to eCommerce projects with loyalty mechanisms has resulted in more than 10 sales conversations with potential clients, five of which are already at an advanced stage.

More so, Open Loyalty has engaged Divante for loyalty system implementation projects totalling more than 1,000 person-hours - so they're constantly engaged and are never short of exciting assignments from us.

Recap of the partnership between Divante and Open Loyalty.
Recap of the partnership between Divante and Open Loyalty.

Note that each partnership is treated individually, and the benefits depend on the contribution to the relationship. Open Loyalty provides the potential partner with a fee for further referrals and fairly distributes the commission on each new client or project. It's worth stating that the largest loyalty program development projects start at several hundred thousand dollars, so it's a profitable business move.

Also, as a partner, you can sell your core services or products related to dedicated development and implementation. Since every loyalty program solution differs, working with Open Loyalty offers many more interesting technical challenges that can expand your portfolio and programming expertise. Our loyalty solution is well-designed, precisely documented, and based on robust technologies such as Symfony and React.js, so from a dev-show and new talent perspective, there's a lot to gain. 

Examples of successful Open Loyalty projects implemented by Divante

As a result of the cooperation between Divante and Open Loyalty, two major enterprise projects have been completed in the last two years. What's more, these projects are constantly upgraded by us with new elements and functionalities depending on the clients’ needs. Let's learn more about the details of our activities and how our cooperation played out.

Drop Tank

Drop Tank is a leading provider of loyalty services for fuel brands and convenience stores in the U.S. They offer various products that include apps, promotional materials, and other strategies to assist major players in the petrol market. Their apps have also been adopted by Fortune 500 companies to enable customers to earn points and easily redeem them for numerous benefits.

As their business began to skyrocket, they realized it was time to upgrade their current loyalty points system, and looked for a modern solution that could be tailored to their specific needs. Drop Tank's legacy technology was beginning to weaken their position in the market, prompting them to make a shift. They needed a scalable, highly configurable, and user-friendly platform with an API-first approach.

Drop Tank reached out to us to determine if our loyalty product suited their business model. And since Open Loyalty proved to be the provider they were looking for, we introduced Divante as a system integrator responsible for all customizations and integrations.

Drop Tank required exceptional performance, as their system is projected to handle over 300,000 transactions per day upon final release. Because of that goal, they received a fully scalable, cloud-based system constructed using Kubernetes, whose architecture was taken from Open Loyalty software and adapted to the reference architecture and existing Oracle database. We created myriad features such as enhanced customer profiles, support for different time zones, and custom fraud detection for Drop Tank’s new loyalty engine. Our collaboration continues, with more services being developed as Drop Tank grows.

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Australian and New Zealand insurance company

One of the leading insurance companies in Australia and New Zealand asked Open Loyalty to create a tailor-made loyalty engine that could be quickly implemented on their on-premise servers and integrated with their internal IT environment to protect data.

They knew this would be a challenging and complex project, as the company has been in business for over 100 years and underwrites more than $10 billion in premiums annually. The client needed a scalable platform capable of handling more than 30,000 customers. When they discovered Open Loyalty, they knew it was the perfect match for them. Following their approval, Open Loyalty turned to Divante for its assistance with the project.

Together, we assessed the client's list of needs and requirements, and it became clear that a high level of personalization was essential for this project. For this reason, we engaged Divante's Custom Solutions department to work on this system. We prepared all the infrastructure, customized Open Loyalty to the client's specifications, and then implemented it as a robust end-to-end loyalty platform. All this in just three months! The best part is that we're still in contact, planning future loyalty features for their platform.

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How does Open Loyalty fit into Divante's plan to become a significant player in the market?

Since Divante became a member of the MACH Alliance, Open Loyalty has become one of the solutions they offer as part of the company strategy. The MACH Alliance is an organization that aims to accelerate the development and adoption of open, interoperable, and decentralized technologies to create a more inclusive and equitable digital society. 

The MACH Alliance comprises a diverse group of companies, organizations, and individuals committed to developing the MACH (Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless) architecture that enables decentralized, secure, and scalable digital services.

As you can see in the graphic below, loyalty is one of the essential elements of the MACH foundation. And Divante, working with Open Loyalty, can deliver on that promise.

Explanation of the building blocks of MACH technology.
Explanation of the building blocks of MACH technology. Source.

Divante focuses on composable eCommerce and the ability to build custom solutions by combining pre-built components or modules rather than making everything from scratch. This approach allows for quicker development and deployment of eCommerce systems. It also allows for greater flexibility and scalability in terms of features, in addition to creating unforgettable customer journeys. All of these elements fit into the core narrative of the MACH Alliance, and Open Loyalty, working with Divante, has naturally begun to fit into MACH standards.

Composable commerce architecture offered by Divante.
Composable commerce architecture offered by Divante. Source.

What is the modern approach to implementing eCommerce with a loyalty program?

First and foremost, for any enterprise-sized eCommerce company, it's crucial to design a flexible loyalty system architecture that is scalable and can be quickly adapted to current - and changing - business needs. This usually means constantly enriching the user experience on the front-end of clients' applications.

From a business perspective, the longer a company needs to customize the software to meet their requirements, the slower they can react to changes, making them trail behind their competitors and ultimately losing business. This is why loyalty technology must be agile and cost-effective.

Modern eCommerce and loyalty projects are moving away from the monolithic all-in-one software approach that is difficult to customize and personalize. Instead, we build solutions based on multiple dedicated composable components glued together using APIs.

To dive deeper, we divide the eCommerce solution architecture into multiple systems with precisely defined responsibilities — we separate the front-end applications from the back-end systems. We always want to maintain full control over the user interface, so we can easily add changes without making deep modifications to the back-end.

The second separation is at the functional level. The easiest way to separate eCommerce and loyalty is to go with different providers and design relevant user journeys on the front-end. This gives the client flexibility in how their loyalty program will work and look regardless of the eCommerce platform they may be using. Also, headless and API-first solutions give clients the autonomy to customize and change their loyalty solutions extremely quickly without the hassle of having to go through third-party companies.

On top of that, the loyalty program can span all communication channels, enabling the collection of data about users to truly understand them. The client can design a touchpoint-specific interface, depending on how users interact with the loyalty application.

The bottom line is that agility and innovation are key to being a forward-thinking company. That's why every new partnership we undertake should focus on these values so that our clients can finally get a fully customizable, adaptable, effective, and smart loyalty solution that we can all be proud of.