Prepaid gift card software

World’s most flexible prepaid gift card system for creating customized digital wallets at any touchpoint, fast and at scale
Prepaid card software
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The approach

The right way to implement a prepaid gift card solution without losing business agility

The business and technical advantages of a headless, API-first system
API-driven loyalty program software to connect with customers at any touchpoint
ISO and GDPR certificates
Enterprise-grade security and quality

We place the highest priority on security and quality

Data security and quality assurance are a top priority at Open Loyalty. That’s why we follow all applicable guidelines and policies to ensure the most reliable data security and quality management policies to ensure the highest standards.
ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 along with GDPR compliant prove our words and commitment.
Freedom to create

API-first prepaid software that allows engaging customers in every touchpoint

Open Loyalty API is flexible and modular, so you can choose the building blocks and mechanics to create an engagement or prepaid and gift card programs you need.
Customer engagement as a result of the headless loyalty program software
Customers involved in purchase process thanks to reward platform, loyalty cards, or gift cards
Architecture for growth

Build prepaid and gift card programs in weeks, not months

Start right away using blocks in the Open Loyalty and build on top of them without hassle. Add new touchpoints, systems, and features to streamline unlimited amounts of data.
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Business agility

Create a customer loyalty experience of any type, without limitations

Our headless architecture lets you concentrate on consistent customer experience across all touchpoints. Place your resources where your clients operate - in any of your front-end applications such as eCommerce, POS system or mobile app.
The online and offline business chose loyalty platform which helps to gather many customer data
Loyalty features

Add loyalty and gamification features to your products and services and drive results

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Success stories

See how Open Loyalty helps brands grow their business


How ALDO used Open Loyalty to create a fully omnichannel loyalty program that went live in the US, UK, and Canada in 3 months.

MSI Rewards

How MSI used Open Loyalty services to implement a gamification-based loyalty program for gamers in 10 countries in just 3 months.

U.S. Soccer Insiders

How the U.S. Soccer Federation worked with Open Loyalty to create a multi-tier, omnichannel loyalty program to engage football fans.